No ones like you

You're so original; I swear to God.

No one's ever had your style before.

You're the only one in the world with problems.

Yeah well I took your fucking problems and blasted them to hell

I Watched as I tripped you up and sent you down a well

I made you shoot-up in vain

I was the herion in your veins.

No one's quite like you, I swear to God.

You're the only candy kid in the world, The one and only punk

You tell me about your Anarchy, and I'll give you a gun

You tell me about your problems, and I'll hand you one.

If your so depressed and lonely, kill yourself

Better yet I'll do it for you

I'll crawl inside your mind and taunt you

I'll be your drugs laced with love

I'll be your hands that don't understand

Why water keeps slipping through them

You want to be so much more different from people,

Then I'll hand you that mother fucking gun, son.

And I'll be the first one in your funreal.

Dancing on your grave.