Tales Of Adelpha


To anyone this may concern who may not know of what Adelpha is. It is a world that is very much connected to Earth but lays on the otherside of reality. It is populated with an almost infinite amount of wonderful and exotic lifeforms ranging from elves and giants, to orcs and vampires. The world is split into two societies ruled differently by good and evil. The Empire lays to the west, while the east is made up of the Three Kingdoms of Adelpha.

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, a man is about to tell his story to anyone who will listen…while consuming vast amounts of alcohol in the process.

Hi, my name is Steven…you can just call me Red cos that's basically what everyone calls me. Don't know why! I'm a thirty year old, unemployed plumber living in a small town called Bobbitsville…you may not have heard of the place but its there on an America map, its just too small to even care about. Now you may be wondering why I'm talking to you right now, well you see I have a story that nobody believes but its as true as the sky is blue. People have this crazy idea about me being the town drunk and not actually a trustworthy man but its all untrue…so keep your mind open when you hear my tale.

See this scar? Well its pretty new, I didn't always have a long scar slashed across my neck! I got it about three months ago during a strange little journey I had. Basically it started one night when I was getting home from the local beer joint which is a couple of blocks away from me. I was pleasantly tipsy on five pitchers of ale and heading homeward when I noticed a flash in an alleyway nearby. It was pretty dark out so this flash was really visible from around the town. I went to investigate, as you do, and wandered into the alley to see a tall man wrap a black cloak around his body and disappear into the shadows. If I actually knew who or what he was I'd tell ya but I never actually found out. I just walking towards this small ball of light that was floating at a wall in front of me…and it was gradually getting smaller so I walked over to it quickly to see what it was. My hand reached out to touch it and it just burst open, light pouring out from the wall and just basically enveloping me in white. It was quite amazing to see and I don't think I had ever seen anything so beautiful. I noticed my hand had disappeared into the light and I pulled it back out again…it was some sort of doorway. I decided it wasn't something I should have been messing around with so I backed away slowly when I heard this heavy breathing behind me. I turned around to two staring red eyes glaring at me. I didn't know what to do or say but whatever it was in front of me talked first anyway

"If you want to go in so badly, then stop hanging about!" he laughed and pushed me into the light with two large hands which knocked the air out of me, I blacked out.

Next thing I knew, I was lying on my back and staring up at the blue sky. I kind of thought that I drank too much and just slept in the alleyway for the night but it was further from the truth. My chest was hurting so bad plus there was two moons hanging in that blue sky. I remember staring at them for a second and suddenly realising I wasn't in Kansas anymore…or Bobbitsville! I struggled to get up on my feet but it was still kind of hard to breathe and I think I had a broken rib or two. I stared around for a bit and seen what the steps led up to…it was like something out of Stargate! It was a large stone circular portal with intricate designs that I had never seen before. Looking behind me I seen just a large open green surrounded by forestry on all sides. Weird looking bird type creatures were flying through the air from the nearby forest, everything just looked so surreal.

I took a few slow steps forward and walked down from the portal which I presumed I came through and stepped onto the soft ground. Everything didn't seem right in my mind, nothing seemed real…my head was beginning to hurt and my eyes were a bit blurry. I sat down on the last step to give myself a bit of a rest but it seems fate had something else in store for me.

From out of the forest right in front of me came a large tank followed by ten armoured men who kinda looked to me as if they were knights. Now I consider myself a military aficionado ever since I was a kid, and I have never seen the likes of the tank that was rolling towards me. It looked like it was thrown together with scraps of metal and had a steam engine attached to the back. Looking back on it now, I don't think they had that technology long.

Anyway I got up off the step and stumbled backward, the knights shot forward and aimed rifles at me demanding to know who I was, where I came from and what I was doing at the gateway. I didn't know what to say really, I was injured…had a bit of a hangover and I was in a strange land, what was I supposed to say?

"I'm Red…who the hell are you?" I felt the butt of the rifle as it came down across my face nearly breaking my jaw.

"We're asking the questions here…are you a part of the Empire? Have you been through the Gateway?" The lead knight asked, I couldn't see any of their faces as they had metal masks covering their faces. I decided to myself that honesty was the best policy, especially when death was staring you in the face.

"Well see, I seen this guy in a black cloak down an alleyway with this weird light nearby…I went to go take a look when he appeared behind me and pushed me in, and now here I am…wherever here is."

The lead knight looked to his left and shrugged then looked back at me, "Alright you're under arrest, we need to get more answers from you."

Before I could argue about that I was hit in the back of the head with a rifle, and before I blacked out I could hear, "You didn't need to hit him again Private."

When I woke, I was inside a small cell with only a door in front of me. My head was pounding worse then ever now and it felt like there was a big lump back there. I got up on my feet and had to hunch down to avoid hitting the ceiling, I felt a bit dizzy but I was better off on my feet for a while. I could hear footsteps coming from outside the door and a click. The door swung open and in walked a knight dressed in armour but without the helmet, in his hands were a plate with some bread and some brown goop with what looked like meat floating on top.

"Here take this, it will fill your belly for a while. Sorry about Private Kitt, he gets a bit anxious with his rifle sometimes." He laid the plate on the ground and sat down, beckoning me to do the same. So I sat down, picked up the plate and chowed down on the bread. I scooped up some of the goop with my fingers and sniffed it at first, smelled like chicken soup. I licked a bit and it tasted something like beef soup…it was quite nice so I devoured it.

"Sorry about the food," the knight said, "Since the war started, all there really is to eat around here is Pooh Snake…or standard rations but I'd rather die." He laughed a bit to himself while I looked at my fingers, then at the plate and wondering if Pooh Snake was really what it was called for. I thought about retching.

"Look its not as bad as it sounds, its quite a delicacy but after five years living here there is only so much of it you can take. We used to have everything around here to eat but we needed to ship it out so our boys on the frontline didn't starve. Anyway my name is Tiamet, pleased to meet you." He held out his hand to shake, I looked at it for a second and shook it.

"I'm Red…look I hate to be rude and all, I mean I'm after getting a wonderful room, 1st class food. But what the hell is going on? Where am I?"

Tiamet pondered for a moment, "We had a sage come in while you were sleeping…he performed a spell to find out about you and it turns out that you are not of this world."

"Oh you needed magic to find that out? What intelligence!…Look where the hell am I? Answer me that one question will ya?"

"Its better I don't, you should just forget about everything you have seen here and we will return you to Earth."

I jumped up off the ground and confronted him, trying to be really aggressive but he just smiled at me and got up on to his feet to stare me in the eyes. I kept up the aggressive act, "Look pal, one of your mates pushed me here…I didn't ask to be here but now I am, could you at least tell me where I am."

Tiamet frowned, "I guess your right, its not like anyone will believe you anyway. You are on a planet called…" A large explosion rocked the cell, sending me and Tiamet against the wall hard. I could smell the sulphur in the air and grabbed Tiamet, "What the hell is going on?" Another explosion could be heard farther away, and then gunfire.

Tiamet opened the door and looked outside then back at me, "Listen to me, stay in your cell. It will be a lot safer…take this," he handed me an black organic, looking pistol, "If anyone bursts into this cell wearing a black and red armoured uniform, shoot them in the head, got me?"

As soon as I took the pistol off his hands I nodded and leaned back against the wall, staring at the entrance way. Tiamet was visibly worried but looked over at me at smirked, "Don't worry about a thing, we get this action here all the time." With that said, he turned and ran outside the cell, closing over the door.

I slid to the floor, never taking my eyes off the door except to take a look at the pistol in my hands. There was a tingling sensation in the palm of my hands when I held the pistol, it felt like I was connected to it somehow. Also I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks but it seemed to be moving intricately…like it was alive.

My ears picked up a battle going on outside, I couldn't tell what was happening really…just explosions and gunfire, men shouting orders, men screaming in pain. I heard a loud roar from up above and a loud blast from what seemed like nearby. Now thinking back I knew I should have found some place safer but as luck would have it, I was meant to see the battle.

I could hear men outside the cell now, it sounded like they were breaking down doors and firing shots at whatever they found. I got up to my feet when I heard them come nearer, I could hear voices.

"Alright this is the last cell, check it and move on down below." "Yes sir."

The door blasted open and I just fired the pistol wildly at the figure standing in the doorway. Several bright blue shots screamed from the pistol, hitting the soldier square in the chest and once in the forehead. He slumped to the floor. I was taken aback by how easy it was to kill a person, but I didn't feel anything afterwards…the thought of him being evil and wanting to kill me made me act the way I had to. He didn't seem human under that armour anyway. I was rushing with adrenaline, I could hear a fast thumping in my ears, blood was gushing around my body. A second soldier rushed in through the door and I fired, taking him down. Another soldier wasn't that brave and backed around the corner. He threw a small spherical object into the cell and it bounced off the side wall, finally resting at the first dead soldier's leg. It opened up and let out a high pitched scream. Above the noise I could hear a thunderous roar and suddenly a flash of heat and the cell disintegrated around me.

When I came to, I was once again staring at the blue sky. Everything was silent and nothing seemed real. A plume of smoke drifted into view, rising high into the sky. A winged creature glided through the thick black plume of smoke, I recognised what it was straight away…it reminded me of the poem Puff the Magic Dragon. Except this was no Puff, he was a lot meaner looking and breathing fire everywhere. Dirt flew across my face as everything snapped back to reality. The noises, the explosions, the gunfire…and the pain. The pain was excruciatingly painful…I moved to sit up but there was bits of rock and debris covering me.

I looked around to see a full battle going on, but I couldn't make out what was going on. Soldiers were everywhere and they were just shooting at everything. Red and black soldiers were pouring in through the main gates, followed by soldiers on motorbikes. In the sky flew two dragon creatures and they were razing everything to the ground. I coughed and spluttered as I tried to breath but the air was filled with acrid smoke.

Someone grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the left as someone else ripped the debris off of me. I was pulled onto my feet and all I could do was lean against the person holding on to me…it was Tiamet.

"Red, you alright? Can you walk?"

I lifted up a thumb and coughed, "Damn straight." Tiamet dragged me forwards and I managed to make my legs move so that I was doing a fast limp. Another soldier was following behind, covering us from enemy gunfire. Tiamet looked around to the soldier, "Kitt, activate the gate and make sure we're covered ok? Then as soon as we're through, move on in yourself." Private Kitt saluted and ran on ahead.

Tiamet had dragged me towards the gateway, through the forest, across the clearing and laid me on the steps below the gateway for a moment. He looked around to the forest that was now surrounding us, we could see the flames and smoke rising from the distance, and the two dragons hovering above laying a pillar of flame from their mouths to the ground.

"Goddamn Empire…" he took a walkie-talkie from his belt and radioed the base, "Listen if there is anyone left, rendezvous at the Gate. Head to Earth and activate your personal homing beacons, I will find you. Headquarters has already been alerted to the attack and are sending troops shortly. We have to admit defeat for now, we were taken by surprise but don't be disheartened…all is not lost. We have The Creed fighting on our side and good shall prevail. Good luck soldiers, see you soon." He put the radio back on his belt and looked saddened. I didn't know what to say to him, all I knew about this world was one army was fighting against another army, I don't even know if that was the whole truth of it all. Tiamet dragged me to my feet once more and we journeyed up the steps and went through the gate.

When I arrived on the other side, Kitt was waiting there with some medical supplies. I noticed I was back in the alley again, thankful to be back home. The soldier looked me over and began dressing my wounds. A couple of days later I noticed everything was pretty much healed up except I was left with some bruising and a scar on my neck. I didn't really realise I was hurt so bad until Kitt told me I was lucky to be alive.

"You know Red," Kitt told me, "Not many people survive a dragon assault…you were lucky the debris covered you up from most of the fire."

After a short rest in the alleyway, Tiamet and Kitt took off their uniforms, put on some simple clothing and wrapped themselves up in long black coats. Tiamet grabbed me by the hand and shook it, "Nice knowing you Red…see you around."

I was disappointed after all I had been through, all I get his a hand shake, "Hey man, you can't just say goodbye and leave…I gotta know what the hell has been going on, where I was and who the fuck you guys are."

Tiamet looked to Kitt and shrugged, "Listen, its better off you don't know…we're just going to move on now and don't follow us or I will have to get nasty. So lets have a friendly goodbye and get on with our lives ok?"

I nodded and sighed, "Well can you at least tell me where I was? You were going to tell me before that shit happened!"

Tiamet turned and walked away followed by Kitt, leaving me with one word that will haunt me for the rest of my days…Adelpha. That was the last I had seen of Tiamet until recently, I managed to catch a glimpse of about three other shady looking characters dressed in long black coats walking swiftly from that alleyway…but after that there was nothing. No more weird activity ever happened in my town again.

Well now that's basically my story…I didn't catch your name but it really doesn't matter. Thanks for the drink, and if you ever see some weird looking guys wearing long black coats, looking like they don't belong…mention the word Adelpha and see if you get any response from them. What? You don't believe me no? Well see now that's disappointing, because not only do I have proof…but I'm about to meet up with Tiamet again. I managed to bring back the gun he gave me, and he wants it back so…I better go. Seeya around man, and spread my story.

Red was never seen again after having a drink in the bar talking to a stranger on the 20 July, 2002. Some say it was like he just dropped off the earth…