The Powers of Prediction

By Vorserkeien

Rating: PG-13 (for future violence)

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My thanks must go to *~Rebel Mission~* for her assistance while writing this fic, especially with all the names! Thanks, you were (and still are) brilliant!

Set in the year: 2397

The woman lay on the bed, staring out of the window opposite. A movement at her side snapped her out of the pleasant daydream she had been in. Glancing down to the man lying next to her, she smiled, then, swinging her legs off the bed she got up and crossed the room. Leaning on the windowsill she stared out into the heavens. Stars shone and the moon was bright. Her mind drifted…

Chapter 1

Alaina was only one of hundreds of Space Freedom Fighters, yet she had the skill to become one of the best there, but her shyness caused her to be scarcely noticed. As looks go she was nothing special but her eyes held a curious gleam. Space Freedom Fighters were known more commonly as SFFs. They were all that stood between their enemies, known as Firians (pronounced 'fear-e-ans) and world domination. Yet all battles that took place between the two sides were unnoticed on Earth, just as the technology used by both sides was far more advanced. The leader of the SFFs was known as Adrian, unfortunately the leader of the Firians was Adrianne, his twin sister, but why the two were on opposite sides was unknown. The Firians have only one base known as the Fire City as it is surrounded by a wall of undying fire. The Space Freedom Fighters on the other hand have several bases with HQ as Base 1.

Days passed in the same way as they had done previously with Alaina showing little interest with any fighting that took place. It was only when she was forced to take to the air as a member of a rescue team to search for a craft, which had crash-landed not long before, that she revealed that she had great courage and could possibly become one of the best SFF.

The rescue craft landed as close to the spacecraft as possible and the rescue crew, led by Nathaniel, moved swiftly into action assisting those who were not yet out of the craft. Unaware to them was the fact that they were being watched, watched by more than the rescuers and the rescued put together. They only became aware of them when a laser beam shot through the air, slaying one of the small party. All weapons were drawn in an instant but they could do little against the numbers of their attackers.

The small band of SFF was quickly surrounded, crushing any plans of escape. All weapons were raised but even Nathaniel faltered when Adrianne herself walked to the front of her surrounding troops.

"Lay all weapons down now," she ordered.

Very slowly the guns were laid down but not one pair of SFF eyes ever left the woman who stood before them.

"I don't think I made myself clear enough. I said all weapons."

The few SFF who possessed a dagger or other similar arms lowered them to the floor. There was, however, one exception; Alaina, who was always armed with at least a dagger, had drawn hers and without a single word of warning sent it spinning through the air towards Adrianne. Only a swift movement saved her. Alaina's dagger shot past her killing the man standing behind her. Instantly Adrianne's troops moved in. Alaina's right leg struck hard into the face of one of her attackers before something smashed into the back of her head and everything blacked out.