You cant tell me what to do
I couldnt care less about your opinion
You cant tell me how to live my life
because i have to make the mistakes myself

You think you know it all about everything
I hate the way you order me around
You think your always right
cant stand the way you sound

why are you so confident
that everything'll go your way
how can you site there and condem
like you make night and day
you try to take control of my life
but im not gonna let you you see
you cant make the desicions
those belong to me

I've been taught right and wrong
You dont have to know everything i do
I can go out without you tagging along
my friends arent perfect,
neither are me or you

Control, I'm taking it
Control, you losing it
Control, my new found power
Contorl, your lost desire
Its mine now, whatcha gonna do?
Nothing! cuz it no longer belongs to you!