I cast my eyes to the ground
because I knows what is coming
Its always the same, everyday.
my heartbeat starts drumming,
"your so pathetic" they say
Nothing ever changes
no one ever seems to care
My books get knocked down
my eyes begin to tear
they laugh like animals
at my clothes, and my hair
I move on down the hall,
was my first hit of the day
I look at the girls,
so pretty and liked,
why cant i be like them?
but i give up the fight.

I shake my head
at the people around me
They are so mean to her
why cant they see?
that this isnt the way to be,
I think this yet i say nothing
I'm afraid of being outcasted
"lay off" I say to them all
but i fear its too late
shes already off down the hall
they shrug their shoulders
and dont even care
I dont even know why
I stay around here.
I lean into my boyfriend
the captin of all teams
he says its ok
to make fun of the geeks.

All the students here at school
are so niave and young
they think us teachers dont see
how they are mean and poke fun.
Just because they're popular
and rule the school,
they think they can torchure
the ones labled "uncool"
I feel for the ones
who sit all alone
I'd do something about it
but i'm chilled to the bone
at all the worlds hate
towards their peers
and their classmates
One more day, one more heart
crushed from the start.

Am i the only one who sees,
how much hurt my child recieves
so her hair is all crimpy
and we cant buy her AE
does that make it right?
To give her this crap
you cant see the light
if your eyes are all closed
you're missing out on a great person
that lies under wraps
because she cant stand
the discriminating slaps
so when you see this
going on at your school
please step up to your friends
even if they call you a fool.
Because one word of approval
means oh so much
why not do it for someone
who's never heard such.