Chapter #1- Resemblance

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I watch my sister bite her bottom lip in agony; a wave of frustration and anger clouds her face. For as long as I could remember, Monica has never tried or done anything to make herself happy. I find this weird because 99.9% of the world's population strives to be happy in some way. Not 's the type f person who finds happiness in other people's misfortunes. I look at the way she is fidgeting with her lock and wonder why she is so angry. I catch her cold blue eyes for a split second before I am whisked away by Shannon and Kandie. Even when we're halfway down the hall, I remember those blue eyes, twinkling in an unusual way. It's as if they're thirsty and are trying to tell me something. I try to brush the thoughts out of my head but it's hard because I know that those eyes had something deeper in them then anger. Those cold eyes were clouded by something else, deep inside the twisted mind of Monica Evans. The girl I am so afraid of. The girl who makes me apprehensively nervous every time she looks at me. My twin sister.


I had gotten to her and I knew it. Natalee has never been one to hide her emotions wonderfully, yet according to the entire population at Whitmore High, she is the future aspiring Broadway star. I could tell that she was curious, maybe even scared of the thoughts that could have been running in my head. Luckily for Natalee, she has a strong wall of popularity to back her up. If it wasn't for that, she would be nothing. Little does she know what I plan to do. Little does my perfect sister know what Monica Evans is capable of.


I push the key into the lock yet the darn thing doesn't budge. Impatiently, I try again only to drop the entire key chain ring. Frustrated, I bend down to pick it up and I feel a presence behind me.

"You need help?" The tone of voice used is not a helpful tone, more of an irritated tone but it strikes me as a surprise.

I shriek, and turn around to find Monica there.

"Geez, scared the crap out of me!"

She just laughs and opens the door on her first try. Before I even put my bag down, she's upstairs, hidden away in her room. She conforms herself in there until my mom calls her down for dinner. Then she goes back up. It's weird being do distant with your twin sister. It seems as if just yesterday, Nic and I would stay up late and share secrets. Those days are long gone.

When Junior High started, Monica started to change. She went into her own little world of loneliness. I tried to get her to hang out with me but things never felt right when she did. Pretty soon, we both went our separate ways but I had never imagined things to be like this. Like we were strangers, not twins.

Every time I think back, I remember the first day of eighth grade. My best friend Elizabeth, who was then new to the school couldn't get over the fact that I had a twin.

"Wow! You're so lucky! It's like living with your best friend! You guys can do everything together! I am so jealous!"

I just nodded but I knew that everything I had just agreed to wasn't true. Drifting from my little world of memories, I picked up the phone, which had rung me back to reality.


"Hey babe."

I smile; Tommy always finds a way to make me smile. Even if he just says "hey babe." Tommy Marville and I have been going out since the end of freshman year. About 6 months and it still all feels new. He's my security blanket. He is on the football team yet he isn't a stupid jock who just wants to get laid. He is one of the shyest guys I know. The only shy guy I know! I think I lightened him up a little and made him more outgoing. He's a romantic and brings me flowers to dates. While most people find it cheesy, and all his football guys bug him to death about it he doesn't care. His bright smile and his baby blue eyes make every girl melt. And he's mine.

"What's happening?"

"A bunch of us are going to Neon World for Laser Tag tonight."

"Oh man, what time?"

"The 8:00 slot."

I remember my plans with Elizabeth and Paris. "Sorry, I'm having a girl's night with Liz and Paris tonight," I let out a loud sigh.

I hear Tommy let out a loud sigh as well. " Oh man, I'm gonna miss you. Well tomorrow me and you are going to chill k?" "Definitely!" I blow him a kiss and he blows one back.


The phone makes a click as Tommy hangs up. But then I hear the phone click again. I hang up and question myself about who was on the other line.


I put the phone down as gently as possible. Sometimes things do work out perfectly. Thank god for Natalee and her social life.

I have a plan. A couple months ago I wanted to end my life. I was invisible and I knew that nobody would miss me. With one friend, you're not going to exactly be remembered. And my parents? They would just be happy with their perfect little Natalee and would be able to pay for an even more expensive college for her now that I was out of the picture. And for the perfect princess herself? If she hasn't noticed me for the past 5 years I don't think another 70 will make much of a difference. But then I started to think. What if I had Natalee's life? What if I had all the friends, the hot boyfriend, the looks, the grades, the love, and the parties. What if I had a dream life just like Natalee. What if I got rid of Natalee altogether? Yes, then life really would be perfect. It's time for my plan to start.

I open my closet and go to step one of my plan. All the way at the back of my closet lies a shopping bag. The short and tight, red mini skirt practically screams, "look at me," while the black tube top and the fishnet shawl complete the image of a total slut. Perfect.

I squeeze into the outfit but I lose a bit of confidence glancing in the mirror. Apparently my "thunder" thighs don't make the outfit look as sexy as it should. I know that even though my outfit might attract Tommy, looks and personality will keep him. I lack of both. Unwillingly, I study my face in the mirror. If I don't want my plan to blow up before step one I have to do something drastic.

My skin is very pale and I don't have any eyebrows or eyelashes. My skin is not super model smooth. My lips are very wide and my cheekbones overrule my face making me look like I eat War Heads 24/7. I hold in shameful tears as I run my fingers though my shaggy blonde hair. The scars on my arms don't do well with my look either.

I walk quietly over to Natalee's room and find her makeup mag on her vanity table. Before I leave I take a look at all the walls that are filled with posters, awards and pictures of Natalee and her friends. There's a picture with Natalee and Tommy in a heart. I sneer as I look at Natalee's smiling face in all the pictures. There she is having the time of her life while I was all alone. She deserves everything I set out to do. And when it's all over I won't regret a thing. My parents will never be able to prove that I did anything. The plan is sounding better and better.

I stare at the new face looking back at me. Somehow I had managed to end up looking decent. Not as beautiful as Natalee but decent. Natalee's makeup accents my eyes and her concealer covers up my acne. Dark red lipstick softened my lips out. Yet, the face staring back at me was missing something. I eyed Natalee's touch up dye. An hour later I could not believe what I had done. I had gone from an ugly nobody to a decent looking brunette.

I had never thought that I would ever resemble Natalee. Right now I looked more like Natalee than myself. Sometimes when we were in junior high and we were both looking in the same mirror, I would pretend that the face looking back at me was Natalee's and vice versa. I smile into the mirror. Poor Natalee. She doesn't know how much her life will change in the next couple of months. That is, if she still has a life.


"Nic, I'm going out.I don't need a key right?" I yell up the stairs.

"I'm going out at 8 with my friends,"is the answer.

What? Did I just hear that my anti-social sister is going out with friends? I know that she hangs out with that punk kid Blake but otherwise I never knew Monica was making friends.

"Cool! See you later," I try to reply without changing my tone of voice.

I never get an answer but I'm happy to hear that Monica is making friends. Maybe things would get better now that Monica is becoming social. Maybe now I will get my twin back.

Just as I get to the bus stop I realize that I forgot my keys. I walk back home and open the door to find a brunette standing in my kitchen. It takes a couple of seconds to register that this brunette is my sister!

"Monica?" I am stunned.

Without another glance back at me, Monica runs out the door. I pick up the keys and try to regain my coolness but it is hard. A shiver crawls towards my heart. Was it Monica who was on the other line? Was she going to meet my friends? And the fact that Monica looked so much like me didn't make the situation better. No, not at all.

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