In that moment you said I love you

that moment was worlds ago

but looking back

I'm glad that for just one moment

I was the only one you cared that much about

the only one you would lay your life on the line for

times do change

but for that one moment you were souly mine

and for that one moment I was the luckiest girl alive

you'll find better

we always seem to find better out there

and that's ok because you deserve better than me

but for just that one moment you felt I complete your heart

and made your soul free

for as much as I want it to be the one moment forever

life has its own plans for you and me

and an odd way of telling us that there is another moment

just waiting for us up ahead

just accept that truth

that moment was meant for the memory

it wasn't the moment meant to last forever

but thank you for just one moment

the moment in which you saw so much more than I ever could

now there is another moment writing in my memory

but hopefully I'll understanding just how lucky I truly was for just that one moment