You are on your knees

trembling with tears and fears

look in my eyes

and try to hear what I'm truly meaning to say

you're not leaving me

you're going to God

which is so much better than I am

hold my hands one more time

feel the comfort in the touch

and the warmth of the tears running down your cheeks and mine too

can you feel that I'm dieing inside

trying to hide it

behind these weak truthful eyes of mine

what is there left to do or say

besides try to smile

and wrap my arms around you

as if I'd never have to say good-bye

like you were never going to leave my side

but no matter how many obstacles lay in front of us in life

I know you're always walking on

alive and dancing in my memories

and walking through your footprints ingrained in my heart

left so long ago

sand may change but never enough to cover your present footprints

I don't have to let you go

I just need to let you know

you'll never be alone

because alone justifies there is no one that cares

and my heart is forever changed because of you

so don't be surprised if I defy death or walk through fire to save you

no matter what I'm saving you from

and if I've left one footprint I've made an impression

but you have a worn path

one that belongs to only the walker