Carla & George


Back to School

September 5, 2002

"First day of school! Yay!" Tiara Kozok yelled to her friend Carla Thomas as they got off the bus.

"School's not that exciting." Carla reminded her.

"Lighten up, Car! We're in 9th grade now!"

"It'll be the same thing like our old school."

"No! That's where your like totally so wrong! High School will be much better! Bright side of it all, more boys to drool over!"

Carla rolled her eyes. "that may be true but all the really good looking ones are taken or total jerks."

"That's not always true."

"Find me a guy that's true then."

Tiara sighed. "You don't know what you'll be missing."

"I just don't want things to happen like the last time I dated a guy. I just gave up loving anyone else."

"You're being to hard on yourself. Look at them fine fines over there! Now tell me your not melting for them hunks!"

Carla looked over to who Tiara was talking about.

"Hey look who it is! George Habowski! You two are like close friends right?" Tiara asked.

"Yeah. He came as my date last year to the dance."

"Oh. Because of . . . you know . . . ?"


"That was nice of him."

"Yeah, he's a great friend."

"Hey, they're looking our way now."

"Damn . . . look at them fine girls looking at us." Danny Parkhurst-Stevens said.

"That's all you ever think about. They're probably looking at someone else." Josh Parkhurst told his brother.

"Dude, they're looking at us!"

"Let's see for ourselves why don't we?" George Habowski said.

Josh and George turned to the direction Danny was talking about. George smiled.

"Yo Carla! Come over here!" He shouted out to her.

She grinned and she and Tiara walked over to them.

"Hey George." Carla said as they reached him. "Hey Josh and . . . ?"

"Danny." He told her.

"Are you two brothers?" Tiara asked.

"Yeah." They answered.

"So who's this fine young lady?" Danny questioned. Tiara blushed.

"The name's Tiara." She replied.

"Cute name."


"So Carla . . . what have you been doing?" George asked.

"Not a lot. You?"

"Same here."

"So it's your first year in high school huh?" Josh interrogated her.

"Yeah." Carla answered.

"And I'm loving it already!" Tiara exclaimed.

"Carla! Tiara! Someone shouted. They spun around and saw Emily and Jeri. Behind them April was talking to Hollie.

"Hey girlies." Tiara responded.

"How ya'll been? I haven't seen you since we graduated." Carla said.

"I'm doing good." Em answered.

"Tired! I've been busy." Jer told them.

"Bored to death. My summer dragged." April responded.

"I'm fine." Hol replied.

"That's good." Car said.

"Don't say hi to us anymore? I'm hurt!" George joked.

"Oh hey there George!" Hol giggled. "Didn't see you there."

"Thanks for finally noticing me!" He laughed.


"Hey how about we show them around?" Dan suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Jeri commented.

"Yeah. We can tell each other about our summer too!" Tiara smiled.

"Fine here." Josh stated.

"Then it's settled." April exclaimed.

"Let's go." Carla told them.

They walked over to the entrance of the school and suddenly came to a halt.

"Brace yourselves . . . you're in for a sight!" George joked.

George opened one door while Danny opened the other. They checked out the school before they set foot inside.

"Is this the part where we're supposed to say 'Ohh' and 'Ahh?'" Emily asked Josh, George, and Danny.

They all laughed.

"What's so funny about that?" She asked raising her left eyebrow.

"Em . . . you ruin everything." Carla told her and they all laughed again.

They began their tour.

"Okay, now over on your left we have so and so playing tonsil hockey. The score right now is 2-0 I believe. Hold on be right back." George said walking over to the couple. "Excuse me. What's the score?"

The couple continued to be indulged in their own little world and ignored everything George had said.

"Oh, it's 2-1 now? Thanks." He said and walked back over to everyone. "Now on your other left. No not that left. The other left."

"God George! You make a bad tour guide!" Em shouted.

"Okay, let me try this again then. On the left of your left-"

"Yeah, okay. We've heard enough 'lefts.'" Hol commented to him.

"Fine. On the right of your right-"

"George!" Everyone screamed.

"Okay! Let's just walk straight then. Now you'll see ahead of you our beautiful lockers full of profanity."

"Okay George, cut the tour. The chicks are about to leave because you're boring them." Danny rolled his eyes.

"I'm not . . . boring!" George gasped in mock expression.

"I'm not bored." Carla giggled. "This is kind of entertaining."

Josh coughed. "Suck up!" He mumbled under his breath.

"Shut it Josh." Hollie snapped.

"Damn she got you!" Danny laughed.

"Ohh getting feisty now! Watch out!" April joked.

"More like 'frisky' . . . if you know what I mean!" Jeri added.

"Okay . . . Veronica." Emily said.

"Well. anyway . . . now to your left-" George began.

"Not this again!" Em and Hol whined.