Night Shadows
©2002 by Kringle Dryad, aka Hailey Gaida.

The sun may rise, bright and clear
The moon may glow, eerie and white
Still I remain right here, forever..
And I get lonely in the night.

The night shadows beckon me to roam with them in their bashful games.
I say no and resist, than be tempted, and I go and be maimed.
The starlights glow like fire flys as they beckon me to come.
They laugh and shout "Come. Come join in our devilish fun."

Their impish laughter fills my ears
Their hideous shrieks of joy ring through the night haze
The shadows call me, always screaming my name.
I ignore them, and yet they scream louder. I don't want to go.

The night shadows are death.
The screams are the screams of pain and death as they laugh as your life is drawing to a close.
To them it's all fun and games, to us, it's a slow painful death as you have just been stabbed.
The sun will still rise, the moon will still glow, but the night shadows will you have you, and you are no more.