A/N: More questions without answers. Too bad I already have a poem by that title. Some moral dilemmas, I suppose you could say. Sometimes I wonder if I think too much! Oh well, maybe if I can get you to think more than I'll have done my job. =)


Can there be triumph without odds?

Success with out money?

Empathy without experience?

Wisdom without knowledge?

What are these things

On which we place so much importance?

What meaning do they have

Aside from the meaning we put in them?

Shall we ignore the feats

Of ourselves and others akin -

Brushing them off as farce and mediocre?

How can we reevaluate our past

If we are too scared to even consider the future?

Shall we continue on this way

When it is the blind leading the deaf?

And the blind refuse to listen

To what the deaf man cannot see.

We are more productive standing still

Than moving full tilt

Toward a goal that will define

Our monetary worth

Which somehow equates

To the total merit of our existence

On this planet we call home

But are we of this world

Or just in it?