A/N: I know this is kind of sappy. But hell, that's what love is. Emotions are tricky. Deal with it. If you can't deal with emotions then please seek psychiatric help promptly!

Taking a Chance

I want to hear your words

Just listen to your voice

I need to look into those eyes

So deep and intense

They're drawing me in

With every glance I get

I savor it all

But there is something more

I'd like to think

I know a little bit about you

But that's just too bad

Because I'm in the dark

Will you keep the words coming?

It doesn't matter what they are

Simply to be with you

So I can get to know you more

I keep trying

Are you pulling away?

Is this a futile attempt?

I'm hoping my mind

Isn't misinterpreting my heart

Will you stay a while?

So we can talk a bit

Are we coming together?

Or will we just stay apart?

I'm taking such a chance on this

Do you know what I go through?

Just to wait up for you

Wishing to get a glimpse of who you are

I'll reveal everything

If you only ask me too

But this is so hard for me

While you stay closed up

The two of us so shy

Needing a little nudge

Maybe the one I gave

Wasn't big enough

Or are you dragging your heels

Without the heart to tell me so?

All I'm asking for

Is just a little time

So we can walk and talk

(We don't need to wine and dine)

But the simple communication

Which I'm struggling through

Would bring such joy to me

If I could spend that time with you