Heated Revenge

The dragon glared on down the mountain at the armored knights.

She was ready to engage in what could be their last of fights.

As she dove down from her high perch they positioned for attack

But as her first flames left her mouth some of the men moved back.

Their wooden shield and spears burst into flames of orange and red

And the ground was scattered all about with those who were now dead.

The dragon perched up higher and saw more than half was down.

As she thought of all her family a large tear hit the ground.

Her dragonlings had all been slain, they'd stolen her last eggs.

They'd speared and drown her only mate, left scars all on her legs.

That day would be their very last, they'd torture her no more.

She had prepared for this fight, more than any one before.

Her hatred for them boiled as she took off once again.

She swung her tail and blood flew as her spikes pierced human skin.

The chain mail they wore couldn't last against her hardened blows.

The knights that still remained were few, they lined up into rows.

The female dragon thought "Could it be easier than that?"

She charged towards them again to get revenge they'd all regret

But then she thought for them to lose their families as she had

Would help to make up all the years they'd left her lone and sad.

Then she sailed off past them to place from where they came.

Their families had done nothing but she would kill them just the same.

She made a wall of fire round the village like a pen

Then she started and inferno for the villagers within.

The knights all saw the distant smoke and knew from where it came.

Through their pride to kill the dragon, wives and children died in shame.

As they saw her coming back they gave a final cry

And they started to fight harder, knowing one side had to die.

As she flew above their arrows pierced her belly's softer skin.

That made her land too quick and in the center of the men.

In one last effort of revenge she scorched them till they died

But their last attack was too strong for they'd fought for all their pride.

A small boy watched the dragon as she gave her final cry

And he wiped his eyes and turned with a full heart broken sigh.

He had loved the gentle creature that had lived in that small lair

Now all that was left off her kind was lying lifeless there