The boy went to the village to see what all had happened there

A tiny egg they'd stolen had survived her scorching flare

He stumbled through the ashes and collected the small prize

As he found out its condition more tears filled up his eyes

The dragonling inside was about ready to hatch

Small murmurs from the dragon stored inside his ears could catch

The heat that burnt the village had reached the little thing

The warmth awoke some growth in the little dragonling

The boy fled from the village, the egg with him for good

This would be the last, no more to breed, and this he understood

Though the dragon would outlive him he would care while it was small

Then when he passed away the dragon kept away from all

Though eventually it died no one knew it still remained

All thought they died out where his mother's blood now stained

I hope you liked this poem I have other writing you are free to click on my name and check it out there was some difficulty on my part in doing the poem and I hope to hear reviews. Man do I love reviews. They're the reason I added this second end but then the first I did mess up on but anyway. Hopefully my toil was your pleasure. If you have any suggestions on what I should write just leave it with the reviews.