Lost in Torment

I'm screaming, get me out of here
Get me out of this silken satin pain
I've felt so often, it's soft and warm
I just don't want to feel it anymore.

I feel nothing anymore but i still want it gone
I know it's there. Make it go away?
I walk the yellowbrick road of life in confusion and depression
I've lost my dog, my friends, my ruby slippers. Take me away.

The eyes of micheivious shadows watch me and tell me i'm going the wrong way.
Am I? Or are they trying to trick me with their games?
The shadows speak of happiness and laughter if i go one way
I know it's not the happiness and laughter that I want.

Their happiness and laughter is tormenting the lost souls they come across
Like me.
I'm hypocritcal, lost, scared, scarcastic and blunt.
As is my knife.

Do they love me? I feel nothing.
No one shows any emotion that they care for me.
"i'm dying day by day, but no one cries for me"
That lyric shows no one cares. If they do, they don't show it

All day I think about cutting. Do I do it? No.
I'm scared I might lose the one person I love if I do it.
He cares.. I think.. I hope.. I don't pray because I have lost my faith.
He took away the first knife.. Does he know I found another one?

They take the teasing too far. It makes me hurt
"It's all in good fun!" They say, convincing themselves that I don't have a soul
The funeral will come, they won't, they won't care.
No one will.

I'm crying, screaming, I want to leave.
Get me out of here. This satin pain, I want no more.
It came back. It came back. Make it go away.
Make it all go away.