*A see here..this is spontaneous.I don't know what I'm going to dee . Here we go.*

I Don't Care Anymore

People are part of many worlds The universe holds the key We stay together in a word of hurt It must be our destiny

A wave of wonder I cannot see How can you make amends When I find that you have hurt within With your ever hurting hands

Bleeding from the inside out The pain is far too great I lie here in selfless agony But you don't care about fate

I guess I learned to close my mouth To stop from talking now I do not scream or whimper out I must have forgotten how

I never saw it coming then I never knew I lost it When my blood was seen above You didn't care much about it

A little pain with so many hearts A lot for me and you I know why you hurt me so You hate me through and through

You wondered why this didn't happen sooner Why you didn't do it then But I guess its because you couldn't have You didn't have the courage to bend

I touch my ever bleeding wound My blood all over the floor I do not know how to stop it As I bleed more and more

A sickening cry is what I heard A bloodcurdling scream I know it wasn't me who made it It was you who cried for me

Guilt is something that consumes you now You wonder what you did You know that you have not forgotten That you are the one who has sinned

You killed someone who had a heart so good You took away their life You took their heart and stepped on it Just because you could

You hurt so bad you didn't want To feel the pain alone You pulled out the beating life And crushed it with your palm

I know the crying voices now Surrounding me today I know why they cry so much They loved me anyway

I was a crazy person I was hyper for a while But life was better lived a lot More when it was with a smile

But take away a precious life When God did not intend Don't take away your head and don't Offer them a hand

When suicide is something You know that they will do Help them out best you can It will hurt not only them But you

Because you cannot hurt so much When you know that you were wrong To let a life slip through your hands Doesn't really make you strong

So don't let me lie here Dying like I am My heart will stop beating Right here, it will happen Yes it can

Don't let me die I don't want to I want to live some more But I don't want to feel this pain so much I want to be happy once more

Help me find my rightful place In a world I find so cruel Don't hate me because I don't I love with a heart so full

But to receive a love that is so great Takes time and work for sure I want to have someone who loves Give me the greatest cure

Fix me up and dress me down Hold me up again Tell me I'm important Because I already know I am..

I told you what I meant for now I know you heard me too I find myself important But will I ever matter to you?

* is from my heart; truly.I feel many things people don't know, so why start now eh? Oh it..*