*OK, I wrote this a long long long time ago, when I was like.12, on a piece of paper! AND GUESS WHAT! I found it, and typed it out. It's a real short story, but boy is it good! Well, enjoy!*

~*Your Eyes*~

"Keep your head on," A voice whispered, "you'll see things easier that way." It repeated. I tensed. That voice? Why was it familiar? I turned around; a dark figure disappeared into the endless shadows. I clutched my hands under my chin. A chill ran up my back. What did he mean by it? I shifted my weight. The dark alley echoed the sounds of the night. Cars were endless, and owls were seldom. The city wasn't such a safe place to live, if you walked at night that is. I backed into the wall and placed my hands on the cool brick surface. To imagine it..to hear so many messages, just not threats, were somehow reassuring. In my eyes I don't see fear, I see an escape. If I'm scared it keeps me occupied. Fear is deliciously endless; I suppose that's what makes my mind so..full. I guess you could say I was crazy, not to run. But if I were to run my fear would soon disappear, and my depression would come out its corner. I took my hands off of the wall and shoved them into my pockets. Show time. I picked up a rock and launched it into the shadows. I heard a short thud and then a small yelp. I put my hands over my mouth and gasped. "Hey! Do you mind!" The voice cried at me. It was the same voice. I narrowed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Come out of there, or are you too scared?" I half choked. I heard a slight muffled grunt and then the slow patter of footsteps. I tensed again. Finally the figure stepped out of the shadows. I looked upon his face, he was lean, around 18, his chin was rounded and his hair stood straight up, which was darker than the shadows receding behind him. His eyes were a dark blue, his long legs and built body was, in the least, threatening, as soon as he made his way over to me in short strides he halted. He smiled slyly. "Do you remember me?" he asked. I gazed into his face. Remember him? Had I met him before?! He certainly didn't have a face someone on their right mind would forget! I slowly shook my head, keeping my eyes on him. His eyes were piercing; if he could he would probably be able to read my mind with his stare. He narrowed his eyes and cocked his head. I had to admit, he sounded vaguely familiar. He coughed into his hand, a sign to tell me to stop staring. I snapped my eyes away and gazed sorrowfully at the black top. He put his hands in his pockets. "Do you remember yourself?" He whispered. I looked back up at him, Wow! What a question! That'll do it. "What do you mean by that? Of course I remember myself! I don't have amnesia!" I snapped. He smiled slyly again. "I mean, do you remember who you 'are', or should I say, once were?" he composed. I laughed. "Who I once was? Who, or 'what' should I say, was I before now?" I mocked. He smiled. "Happy." He replied. I blinked. Happy? Who does he think he is? How would he know what I or what I don't feel? "Happy? My friend, you are sadly mistaken.I've always been happy." I hesitated. He shook his head and laughed. "Happy? Now? Don't like to me, you're more depressed than anything I've ever been." He put his hand out in front of him, signaling for me to take it. "Come with me." He whispered. I looked at his hand, but hesitantly took it. "Go with you where?" I asked, skeptically. He shook his head and then pulled me along. "Somewhere..somewhere..friendlier." He said. I looked around as we exited the alley. The night was beautiful, stars were blanketed in the sky, and the moon was like a huge smiling face. I stared at the sky as I was pulled along by a guy I didn't even know, so I frankly without thought didn't trust; yet I did. I looked at the passing cars. Taxi's carried exhausted workers, a precious cargo..pah, precious my ass. I looked at the back of the stranger's head. "Who are you?" I asked. He slowed momentarily but then sped up. "A friend." He said. I pulled back. "Your name! I'm not going any further until you tell me your name!" I protested. He hesitated and sighed. "It's not important." He said. I gave him a disgusted look and then shook his hand away. "I'm not going with you then." I said bluntly. He grabbed my arm again. "I'll tell you later, promise." He said and tugged me along again. We went on this way for what was about an hour. I was tired and worn out when eh finally stopped in front of a large apartment building. He turned to me. "This is where I hang out, my friends are already home, she the apartment basements empty, I will tell you everything there." He said and pulled the door open. He sped down the flight of stairs, and then another, and another. It was murder to keep up with him, but I managed. As soon as I got to the bottom he was waiting there for me. I took a few deep breaths and put my hands on my hips. "Well?" I said. He smiled and then opened the door. He stepped inside and stood aside so I could get in. I ducked in and looked around. It was a basement all right, it was dank and smelly, moldy and old tables, shelves, and chairs were strewn about. "Cozy.." I said sarcastically. He closed the door gently and then turned to me. "Yeah, its not a castle or anything, but its home." He said and picked up a chair and sat in it. I turned around and pulled up a chair. He leaned forward and clamped his hands together. "Ok, my name is Danny, and I've been spying on you." He said. I leaned back in the chair, the blood running from my face. He sighed. "I'm not stalking you, just occasionally watching you." He said. I almost laughed. "Occasionally watching me, eh? What kind of sick game are you playing!?" I yelled. He shook his head. "No game, I just had a feeling I had to watch you some, and then I found out why I had to." He said in a raspy whisper. I narrowed my eyes and leaned forward. "Had to? What do you mean?" I asked. He rubbed his hands together and sighed. "You're hurting on the inside, and from watching you I've found out a solution to all of your problems..for good." He composed slyly. I eyed him skeptically. "How?" I asked slowly. He smiled. "Die." He stood up. I gasped. "WHAT!" I screamed. I jumped out of my chair and raced to the door. It was locked. "Ah ah ah." He shook his head at me, "not a good idea, you'll wake the locals." He laughed. My blood ran cold.

Maybe I should have let

Fear consume me..


*Well, I'm pretty sure I did the entire story exactly how I wrote it, but it being so old and the pencil faded, I had a hard time reading it, but I finally got it! HOPE YOU LIKED IT! Cuse my sister does, and so does my , my mom found it and read it, yet she likes it..see I wrote this when I was very depressed, no one liked me because I guess I acted strange around people, I was a very hyper person, so they all abandoned me, I attempted suicide twice in the same week, but my sister and brothers stopped that I wrote this story. I guess you could say it washed away my pain. Suicide is like murder, and if I don't like murder why would I commit it? See.I'm through with being depressed, if people don't like me for me, then I guess that's their problem, not mine.I can't change who I they can change who they like..*