Invisible Tears
©2002 Hailey Gaida, AKA, Kringle Dryad

I cry silently so no one hears
I'm afraid of them, Will they hurt me?
I can't be seen, I'm invisible to them
I like being invisible.. It's harder to hurt someone when they're invisible.

I like that.
They can't see the scars, the tears, the scratches
I don't like them, They make me hurt.
Make them go away.

My invisibility wore off.
They're laughing at me like i'm a freak.
I guess I am.
I hate them, I want to be invisible again

They laugh and chatter and talk about me
I can hear them perfectly well
I start to cry again and I pull out my knife.
They see it and scream

I'm not going to attack them
I attack myself
Slicing into my skin
Making a new pain to focus on

There's no such thing as a "Life devoid of Pain"
Pain in iminent. Even when you're invisible.
I want to be invisible again.
Maybe if I bleed enough, I will become invisible.

You become paler when you bleed.
Maybe if I bleed, they won't be able to see me.
I cut deeper, wishing to be invisible.
Suddenly I am. I am dead.