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The Rock

I hummed along with Mommy as she sang. She was singing the song she always sang when the darkness came. I was happy though because the darkness hadn't come, and I knew it hadn't. I was sure that it hadn't.

"Angel come a calling,

to keep that man from falling,

a whole life trying to find the answer to my prayers," She sang beautifully in a soft clear voice as she always had.

"Walk along brightly,

through the stormy weather,

marching hand and hand,

down that road together."

"The time has come,

the time has come,

the time has come,

the time has come," As she sang this new verse, one I'd never heard before, she pushed her silky blonde hair behind her ear revealing a purplish-blue bruise in the shape of a hand on her cheek. I sucked in a breath as it came into my view.

"I started out like an infant,

with a heart that was innocent,

caught in pursuit of vanity,

run to the rock for rescue,"

"Julia, my dear," she said softly. "The time has come."

I didn't know what Mommy was talking about, but I nodded obediently. I knew that it was important, and that I needed to listen to her.

That night after Mommy had tucked me in, I closed my eyes, trying to sleep. I was too tired to fight the darkness, and it never came two days in a row anyway. A few hours later I awakened. The darkness had come. The darkness had come while I was sleeping. I could feel it. I quickly slid out of my bed, listening, creeping trying to find the source. I needed to be there.

It was not far, only at the end of the hallway, by the stairs. The barrage of insults flew at me as soon as I opened my door.

He was there, illuminated by the light from the bedroom behind Him. He was there, shaking my mommy violently as she sobbed. "Shut up! Stop your pathetic sobs!" He dropped her, letting her fall to the ground. "You're a miserable waste of life! I don't know why I ever married you!" He screamed at her.

Mommy cried, unable to see, her vision blocked by the tears He had caused her.

He picked her back up and back handed her hard across the mouth. She flew back against the wall from the force of His blow. "I told you to shut up!"

Suddenly her tears stopped. She trembled but emitted a powerful strength, "The time has come,

the time has come,

the time has come,

the time has come-"

He grabbed her by the throat, lifting her off the ground.

As Mommy struggled, she managed to choke out, "Run to the rock for rescue."

My legs fell out from under me as I understood her message. The Rock would save us. The Rock would get rid of Him forever.

As I pieced together the song, the Rock appeared. She screamed back at Him, taking him by surprise. In the darkness He leapt at Her, but her youthful agility allowed Her to dodge out of the way just in time. He teetered on the edge of the top step of the carpeted staircase, screaming for our help, for our forgiveness.

She glared up at the darkness, drawing up all of Her internal power. "I AM THE ROCK!" She screamed as She shoved him away from Her, from us.

It was as if He were caught in a draft; He floated down the staircase only to land with a sickening crack as his neck snapped upon impact.

I walked over to the edge and stared down at his body bent in inhuman angles. "Good-bye, daddy," I whispered.

Mommy was in tears in the corner, sobbing hysterically. I quickly walked over to her. I wrapped my little arms around her neck, "Shh... The darkness is gone now. The Rock made it better. We did it, Mommy. We defeated the darkness."

Steven glanced over at his mother just in time to see her head snap up. "Mother?" He said, hurrying over to her. "What's wrong? What happened?"

She glanced over at him, eyes eerily calm and focused, with a deadly glint. "Don't you see, Steven," she said, smiling, "I am the Rock."


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