Chapter 4

Dear Merideth,

I packed up today and left the hospital. I doubt that with the restraining order I'm even allowed to send this to you, and I'm sure that if mom gets to it first she'll tear it up, but I needed to talk to you one last time. I'm never gonna see you again Merry, and I want you to know that everything they say about me is wrong- I would never hurt you or Andrew. You guys are my siblings and I love you more than anything. I hope you manage to get over all of this without too much pain. I know I've always been the annoying one, but at least try to remember our happy days together fondly. Oh, and Merry, stay away from James. I know that's asking a lot because you love him and you think it's mutual, but for your own sake, stay away from him. He's not what he seems, and he will hurt you Merideth. Just- be careful. Take care of yourself, ok? I want to know that somewhere out there my twin is still fine. Give Andrew a kiss for me. I'll miss you so much.

Your "crazy"/"homicidal" twin,



Sissy got a letter today. She read it and then ran to her room and cried and cried and cried. Mommy yelled at me for asking about Tara. When is she coming back? The lady said I could never see her again, but I miss her. I want Tara back.


Dear Diary,

Merideth got a letter from her sister today. I told her not to read it, that it would probably be threats, but she insisted. Afterwards, she wouldn't even show it to me! It violated the terms of the restraining order, and it upset my baby, so I got it from her room while she was in school. That delinquent Tara had the nerve to tell Merideth to stay away from James. She practically called him dangerous and questioned his love! Tara really has gone to far. Not only has she attacked him, now she is trying to break up the one meaningful relationship he has ever had! I cannot understand how someone can have so much hate in their heart. Merideth has always been so good to her sister- why must Tara torture her so? I tried to explain that Tara was simply trying to hurt her and that James was a wonderful young man, but she simply burst into tears and locked her door! Tara is turning my own children against me. I suppose they simply cannot comprehend what an awful person Tara is. Her sin weighs down on her so much that she tries to pass it on to her innocent friends and siblings! No one seems to understand just how crazy and dangerous my daughter has become. Of course, they didn't see James when he came to tell me about it the next day. They didn't see the blood and bruises. He was so sweet not to go to the police about this. Of course I had to myself, but the thought was very sweet. I just can't understand why the judge threw out the case. James was obviously telling the truth. I suppose since it was one word against another there was real way to ascertain the truth, but that judge didn't know how moody Tara had been. Truly disturbed people are always moody. Some people just can't see reason I suppose. They should stay out of the justice system.

-Mrs. Cowell

**************************************************************************** *

"Hello? Mrs. Cowell? This is Adrienne Melvin, Andrew's preschool teacher."

"What's the mater? Did he get in trouble today?"

"No Mrs. Cowell, he's very well behaved. The problem is, I'm worried about him. In the last few weeks he has burst into tears numerous times. This may seem normal for preschool, but I have never had an issue with Andrew. He has always been a happy, well adjusted little boy. Pardon me for asking, but are you having troubles at home?"

"None, Mrs. Melvin. There is nothing wrong. We are very happy. Perhaps it is something in your class that is causing this change. Please do not call me again unless the matter is serious. I am a very busy woman."

"Yes Mrs. Cowell."

They hung up.


**************************************************************************** *

Mommy is crying. Sissy cries too. We all cry. We are in a bathtub of tears. I want Tara.

**************************************************************************** *

I looked dad up in the phonebook today. The hospital personnel asked me where I was going to stay after I left, and I told her I already had something planned with a friend of mine, but it wasn't true. If he won't take me in, I guess I'll be out on the streets or something. Isn't that a lovely picture- "teen falsly accused of assault and battery is left to the ravages of the street". The press would have a field day with that one. Oh, and the whole being forced into an insane asylum after they wouldn't put me in jail and trying to keep me there when everyone specifically said I wasn't crazy. But of course Mom never would listen to people who knew what they were talking about. It's not in her nature. After all, she listens to herself.

God I hope dad understands. No one else will.

**************************************************************************** *

"Hello? Jeanine? It's Mark. Tara called me today. Apparently she got out of the hospital. I thought you should know that she's staying with me. She's not out on the street or anywhere near you, ok? You're both safe."

"Keep the little bitch. You deserve each other. Both of you have ruined my family.

**************************************************************************** *

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