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Why I was late to School Today

On my way to school today,

I saw teary young cub.

It was playing with a floating dime

When it unfortunately drifted away.

I continued my journey to get to school

On this clear and sunny day,

And I'm sure you'll be pleased to find,

I found my completed science homework

In my own simple and scientific way.

While walking along,

I heard a cry,

So I took a step

Only to see a penguin fly.

I shook it off,

And looked again,

But then I saw

Instead a hen.

My mind, I lost.

I must be distraught.

To see such a sight

When nothing is lost.

I decided to walk on,

Otherwise I'd be late

But then I heard,

A sudden purr.

Nearby a tiger,

Hid from me.

But then it leaped,

So I ran to the city.

I took the city bus,

It took me here to stay,

But then I met you in the hall

And received detention right away.

I explained to you what I had to say,

But I guess you didn't hear,

Because I sit here now, writing an excuse,

For why I was late to school today.