A/N: Thanks for all the reviews. This is another silly little poem. Check it out. Then tell me what you think. Enjoy…

Never Trust a Machine

While walking along,

Down the hall,

I went to my office,

To receive a call.

But then I look in,

And come to see,

Two "I"s, no two "e"s,

But there's also a "d".

I spell out the word,

And what do I get.

I dare not find out,

So I leave to Mr. Ket.

I yell to my boss,

"There's a monster in there."

But he only told me,

To not show any fear.

"Just give it what it wants,

"It's simple can't you see,"

I stood there bewildered,

"You want him to come eat me?"

"Give it some paper,"

I hear him plea.

So I give up my life,

I think of everyone but me.

Waiting to die,

As I feed it some paper,

I hear a beep,

As high as sky scrapers.

I look at the screen,

As the words appear,

And sigh in relief,

As they all become clear:


***This was a weird poem. In case you don't get it (tell me if you don't please) the person thinks the printer is trying to kill him since the printer ran out of paper. The words "FEED" appeared…but the word "PAPER" happened to be missing. ***