Don't tread on me Barbie girl

I hate your perfect hair

You can keep those designer clothes

And don't even start with your pop music

Yeah, you might be pretty

But what about your brains?

Your magazines about what's in style

Don't really have depth

Cosmo, Seventeen…

They only tell you what to buy to be


well screw perfection then

but you can't

you don't know anything other than media

Literature … a joke

Writing … a waste of time

Government … whatever


well unless its something pop or rap

then its pointless

Don't get close to me Barbie girl

I don't want you analyzing what I wear

How I do my hair

What I do with my free time

Barbie girl; you are so fake!

You worship your precious style channel

And your MTV

And Express

And Abercrombie

Keep me out of it Barbie

I don't want to look perfect

I don't care what the damn media says

I'll do what I want thank you

And you see that I'm better off

I'm not a hopeless shell

So what if I don't go to any of the parties

So what if I don't have the 75-dollar pants

Or the 50 dollar T-shirt

I'd rather spend my money on something worthwhile

Like how about college

Ever think about that

I don't want to waste my money

On something stupid

I don't need the perfect car

And I'd rather not spend my hard earned money

On a boob job

Just so I can get the football captain

Or the showcase model boy

Now just stay away Barbie

I don't care if I'm not "perfect"

I'm just me and I'm happy with that

So don't even try to make me a Barbie too

Because I am not you