The world is an amazing place

People and society; my fingers stretch towards

Only to be blocked by the glass

There is a sign posted upon my glass cage

It reads "teenager:

A person not knowing enough

To make it in the outside world"

So they think I'm not smart enough

That I don't know what I want


I want to be FREE!

I want to experience life

I want to touch, see, taste, feel, and hear it

The good and the bad

Through my gilded cage I can only see so much

Can only experience so much

You are holding me back

There's an aching inside of me

A longing to be free

A need to fulfill my passions

I want to travel the world

Learn the cultures

Be alive for once

Not to have people staring at me

Through my glass cage

Oh what a joy that would be

To be free of my gilded cage.