We all have a time in our lives when we break down and cry.

Just let our barriers drop, our shields fall;

Leaving us vulnerable for one crucial moment.

Just one moment.

Where nothing else matters in the world than the emotion that we feel.

Just letting it all out.

And showing maturity, for once.


The ones who refuse to cry are the idiots. The ones who keep it in, who hide behind their shields.

The stronger your barrier, the greater your wave of tears when it's broken.

No one is invulnerable to it.

We all break down, sometime.

No one can go on forever.

No one can hide themselves for too long.

We all shed tears.

It's what makes us human.

It's what keeps us alive.

That one moment of weakness; of emotion.

We all love, we all cry, we all feel.

As much as we try to hide it, there's something there.

The ones who stay silent are the ones who are crying on the inside.

They're the ones to be pitied.

Not me.

Not the crying ones.

We've been released.

It's the hidden ones who need the saving.

Who need someone to lure that wave of tears out.

Flowing in endless torrents, breaking through the walls and gushing out in hopeless sobs.

Covering the ground in splotches of damp.

Every tear is a worry gone; a thought let out; a demon vanquished.

A truth realized.

Truth after truth after truth, falling down in salty droplets.

Finally let loose into the world.

We all cry.

Everyone cries.