There are words

I know

For what I feel with you

But they escape me

When I try to speak them

There's an emotion that burns

Inside of me

But I cannot put a name to it

You make me feel so…

You make me feel

Things I have felt only once before

In a dream without condition

Without boundaries

You know my dreams

I tell you everything

And you pass no judgments on my life

There is no horror in your words

When I say these things to you

Only understanding

And a comforting arm

This is why I love you

My closest friend

Can we be naught but friends?

I think that there is no way

That we can be more

And yet I wish…

I wish

For something else

A different touch

A deeper meaning

I think you feel the same

Can it never be?

It can never be

A voice in my head speaks to me

In words twisted with contempt

It snarls at my longings

And tells me I am a fool

For falling so fast

For losing it all

I am running blind

Can you not see me stumble?

You can

And you catch me when I would fall

This is why I love you

My dark god

I worship you

In whispered words

I tell you of my heart

In the dead of night

I long for your arms

To surround me

To save me

My misery is complete

I cannot have you

So far away

And yet I can see your smile

I can still hear your laugh

It drives me on through

My weary days

This is why I love you

My dark god

So close

So far from my grasp

I worship you in shadow

And you never know

We never speak of these things

We wait for the other

To make a move

A move that will never come

So I sit in silent sorrow

And worship

My carefree angel



I cannot ask

For more

Yet I want it


With every fiber of my being

I want you to love me

Is that too much?

My dark god

I love you

Please love me

In return

We could be so happy.

Couldn't we?