before his shadow fell over me...

in the dark we would meet
to love and embrace our dear cold hearts
beneath the sky of a starry haven
a cloud of heaven once passed through me

just before the rise of every sun...

i was the envy of every damsel
and yet, the disapproval of every noble
to himself, he defended love
and vowed over again to protect me

before the rain washed over me...

i yearned to earn the love he gave
and please his every need
time and time again, I failed
to deserve the lifetime of love for me

after the sun rose to kill the dark...

he took his first good look at me
unmasked beneath the light
showed my nakedness and dirty hands
and still, he kissed my cheek

once his eyes prodded inside of me...

he stepped back and said he still loved me
under the apple tree he whispered once
"after another day, another love,
come and seek for me."

after he left me beneath the tree...

i stood barefoot and forlorn
uncounted vows broken 'fore my eyes
a heavy storm hung over me
i sat down for one last time, incomplete

i was once a prince's bride to be.