The Freshman Conspiracy Theory

Main Characters: Ruth Icenogle, Bríd Kinsey

Nemeses: Denise Blackened, Kelsey Von Johnsenbürgen, Haggle Bacongrease, Kaleigh Huffton, Dori Flick, Trascha Boonsburg, Mrs. Novel, Mrs. Deuce, Mrs. Mallium, Mr. Gen, Mr. Etics, Mr. Turnmoose, Mr. Bracken, Carl Tagger, Dusty Dillpickle, Mrs. Sniper, Rebba, "Rebs" Rodgson, Judy Scores, Helsea Keebler, Rachelle Stevens, Kathy Ward, Chris Lowell, Nicolette Wilson, Maggie Freeze, Corinn Arnoldo, Ronald McArnie, Nate Buckley, Brian Badley, Cara Busybee, Rent Gooseman, Anney Koscher, Tiffy Spackerd, Drew Doughboy, Brenna Eddards, Alex Sindlay

Other characters: Brunhilda VanNolsh, Gabby Millstone, Ish and Rish (Twins. no last names?), Gertrude O'Hell, Meg Woodstock, Carl Trout, Mrs. Baldy, Mrs. Spangle, Mrs. Stott, Mrs. Jensen, Margot Michaels, Marie Rique, Lynne Broombah, Liza Hope, Kate Ward, Janie O'Hell, Christopher Ent, Dandy Prozac, Sheila Goldin, Lena Williamson, Ron Bugger, Sean Lack, Addy Olceese, Kaitlyn Hopkinson, Tamarra Coltrip, Christian Door, Camaro Car, Megs Board, Taylor Cason, Josè Bitter, Clarence Wilson, Copper O'Neil, Gain Carlon, Brianna Chastain, Lora Dryer

A/N: This is a story about our "theory". What would high school be like if people acted upon their thoughts? All of the people in this story are based on real characters, though the names have been changed to protect the .maybe the not-so-innocent as well. Everyone deserves a bit of privacy, right? Anyhoo, we suggest that you sit back, relax (or cringe occasionally, it really doesn't matter) and enjoy the story. MWAHAHA! (maniacal laughter fades into the background)

And now..

The Freshman Conspiracy Theory

By: R.C. Icenogle, and C.B. Kinsey

Setting: The First day of school. Just before school, Ruth Icenogle and Brid Kinsey met outside the doors of Peeseburg High School. It was the beginning of Freshman year for both of the girls, and they were very excited, as well as nervous.

"So, what class do you have first?" Brid asked, whipping out her class schedule. Ruth reached in her backpack for her own, and unfolded it.

"Intro to Journalism. You?" Ruth looked up expectantly.

"Crap! I have Spanish. Oh well. Maybe we'll have Margot or Hildy in one of our classes." They were speaking about their upperclassmen friends, Margot Michaels and Brunhilda VanNolsh. Brunhilda's odd name spoke of her German heritage. She was an exchange student from Berlin who was staying in Peesburg, Kansas for her senior year.

"Hey, you guys!" Both the girls turned around to see Denise Blacken running up to them.

"Denise! Hi!" Brid tried to act happy to see her somewhat annoying "friend".

"Hey, Denise!" Ruth struggled to plaster Brid's own fake smile onto her face.

"What's your first hour?" Denise asked, with a look not unlike an eager puppy on her face. "I lost my schedule, but I think I can remember my classes. I think I've got Spanish one, or maybe Journalism."

"Algebra II"

"Chemistry!" Both girls immediately picked the two classes farthest away from both the Spanish and Journalism rooms, to avoid having to walk with the over-eager young girl. Denise raised an eyebrow, and was about to comment on the fact that neither class was available to Freshman students, when Ruth said,

"Hey, Denise! Isn't that Kelsey Johnsonburgen?" Kelsey was one of the most popular students among the freshmen at PHS, and was Denise's idol.

"What? Where?" Denise whirled around, and spying Kelsey and her friends near the door, ran off to join them with pitiful cries of "Hey Kelsey! Wait up! It's me, Denise! I was calling you all summer and you never answered the phone! Are you over that nearly fatal tropical disease yet? Kelsey? Wait for me!"

"The poor dear." Brid rolled her eyes. Ruth nodded.

"Yeah. I never thought Kelsey got tropical diseases. Didn't Helsea Keebler, Kaleigh Huffton and Rebs Rodgerson say the same thing when Denise called them? What did they call that 'rare tropical disease' again? Mango Fever?"

"No, I think it was 'Papya pox' or something ridiculous like that."

"Ah. Oh, hey, there's Kate." Ruth gave a friendly wave. Kate came over, the usual ear-to-ear smile on her face.

"Hey, have you seen Denise yet?" Kate asked. It was kind of sad that while Denise idolized the popular girls, Kate in turn idolized Denise. To top it all off, Denise despised Kate.

"No, I don't think so." Ruth didn't want a repeat of last year's scenario, which depicted the huge fight between Kate and Denise that finally turned physical on the last day. Kate had only just grown back all the hair she'd lost, and she still looked a little thin on top. Denise, in turn, had yet to get rid of the huge scabs on her knees, which she was embarrassingly trying to cover up by wearing long pants.

"Okay. I just wanted to tell her that I was sorry about what happened last year. Hey, have you seen a new girl around here?"

"Don't think so. Why?" Brid asked.

"I met some new girl on the way here. She said her name was Katherine Ward. She looked almost exactly like me, but she was really mean.

"Um..No. We haven't seen anyone today." Ruth looked at her strangely.

"Okay. Just wanted to ask. Let's go in." Kate walked ahead of them into the school, with Brid and Ruth following. It would prove to be an interesting day.