Always remember that you are unique

Just like, everyone else

You will always hold a special place in my heart

That's why; I tore it out

I don't want you to bleed

At least, not in my house

Don't be so humble; you're not that great

Don't worry baby one day your lucky colors will fade

I've got a quote that I stick to

Do unto others, before they do unto to you

It's not that we don't love your little stay, baby

It's just that we wish you'de go away

You should laugh at your problems

I know that everyone else does

You should just go ahead and die

Trust me; no one will miss you

I'm not a cynic, begging for everyone elses hearts

I'm not lonely, don't even start

It's not like you didn't hear hme when I screamed outloud

I said, Your to fucking proud

Now Die Now

Now Bye Now

Now Bow Down





Now Die Now

Now Bye Now

Don't lie, it's an understimation

It's not like, we slip into reincarnation

You are very special

They even made your gravestone a beautiful home

Welcome you in

Now Die Now

No one will miss you

You're not that great of a person

I breathed in your poison

I exhale your reason

So just die now