Not Again

Scene 1: Stage left- A 20 year old woman in her bedroom. She's talking on a cordless phone. The bed is disheveled, there are what appear to be random things on the walls, i.e. an old license plate, pictures, a ribbon tied into a bow, a few dried flowers. Stage right- another 20 year old woman in her house. She's in the living room on her couch. The room is decorated with light colors and floral patterns

Cassie - He called.

Sammy - Who? Mark?

Cassie - (voice lilting) Yeah him.

Sammy - And your upset why?

Cassie - Why? He's coming into town today. I know I talk to him constantly on the phone but. I haven't seen him in a long time. He could look different. I look different.

Sammy - Well you look different in a good way. Don't freak out on me here.

Cassie - I know I shouldn't be freaking out. I just. (plops onto bed) I don't know why.

Sammy - You still love him.

Cassie - (snapping) No. No I don't. No I don't love him anymore. (blows loudly at a pretend hair in her face) I still care for him, but it's nothing.

Sammy - . When did he tell you he was coming?

Cassie - He told me he was coming last week. He didn't tell you?

Sammy - No I don't think he told anyone, I would've heard it sooner.

Cassie - Hmm. Hey I gotta go. He's gonna be in town in an hour and I don't know when he's stopping by.

Sammy - He doesn't know either right?

Cassie - (laughs) Yeah, Mark never knows what he's doing until he's doing it.

Sammy - Sometimes I doubt he knows what he's doing even then. (laughs) Bye.

Cassie - Bye.

(lights dim on Sammy's side of the stage. Cassie gets up and walks over to the end of the stage.)

Cassie (to the audience) - Ok, so he's coming. Big deal right? I talk to him a lot. He told me the only thing different about him physically is he's stronger. (smiles) That could be nice. (smile fades and she turns to leave. Then turns back) I do not still love him. (walks off and trips on her own foot on the way out) Oof!

Black out to scene 2.

Scene 2: Cassie is in her living room. Her mom is sitting in a chair watching tv. The room has furniture that doesn't match, and cat toys strewn about. Cassie is restless and keeps moving about the room. She puts her hands everywhere, her hair, and the magazines on the coffee table etc. She keeps checking her watch for the time.

Ms. Orlee - Cassie stop pacing. What's the matter with you?

Cassie - A guy a haven't seen in a while is coming, but I'm not sure when.

Ms. Orlee - Mark?

Cassie - Yeah. I need something to do until he comes.

Ms. Orlee - I don't care what you do just stop pacing and sit. (sternly) Sit.

Cassie - I don't normally freak out about guys mom, you know that.

Ms. Orlee - I know, but you love him so I understand. Now sit.

Cassie - I do not. (sits down near a springy cat toy and pulls on it and then watches it spring)

Ms. Orlee - Of course not boonky, what was I thinking? (laughs)

(there is a knock at the door)

Cassie - Oh that's him, whatever you do don't call me boonky pleeeeease! (she answers the down and nearly trips) Hi.

Mark (smiles) - Hi. Hi Ms. Orlee.

Ms. Orlee - How are you?

Mark - Great. (turns to Cassie) You wanna go see a movie?

Cassie - Yeah (smiles) Bye mom, I'll be back later.

Ms. Orlee - Have fun butthead!

(Cassie cringes and there's a black out to scene 3)