Scene 6: Mrs. Orlee is sitting in a chair reading a book, in her pj's, when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door. Mrs. Orlee puts the book down and answers the door.

Mrs. Orlee - (shocked)Mark!

(Mark walks in wearing a blue button up shirt and nice khakis. He's hold a rose, and book.)

Mark - Um, sorry it's early. I just.. uh.. wanted to see if Cassie wanted to go do something. I brought you a book. I thought you might want it.

(Mark smiles and holds out the book. Mrs. Orlee takes the book)

Mrs. Orlee - Thank you so much. Cassie's in her room sleeping right now. Do you want to wait and have breakfast? I could make some eggs and bacon. (smiling) That'll wake her up.

Mark - That would be great thanks.

(Mark puts the flower on the coffee table and checks his shirt to see if all the buttons are straight as Mrs. Orlee goes to the kitchen, stage left. Mark walks downstage to the audience)

Mark - Ok... I look good, right? (Paces) You're wondering what plan is aren't you? (pauses) My plan... My plan is to be me (Smiles to the audience) I wish she was awake... I can wait. Maybe I should wake her. I bet she looks like an angel when she's sleeping. Actually she looks like an angel awake, so I guess she looks like an angel sleeping.

(Mark laughs at his joke and walks back to where he was and Mrs. Orlee walks in the living room.

Mrs. Orlee - Actually why don't you go wake her up? Then when she comes down stairs breakfast it will still be hot.

(Mark nods smiling and turns to go the stairs and almost bounds up them in excitement, but at the last second slowly walks up them.

(The light dims to scene 7)

Scene 7: Cassie is sleeping on her bed. The blanket is wrapped around her in an odd manner. Her body is twisted and it looks as though she shouldn't be at all comfortable. Mark walks in the room and covers his mouth so he doesn't laugh

Mark - (to the audience) Alright, I was wrong about the sleeping angel thing. How can she be comfortable?

(Mark starts laughing softly then lets out a laugh a little louder and Cassie wakes up slowly.)

Cassie - Mark... wha... What are you doing here? What time is it?

(Cassie moves into a more comfortable position and yawns)

Mark - So this is what you'd look like in the morning if I ever got my (fake coughs) parting gift.

Cassie - (smiles) Jackass. Yes it would. Does that change your mind?

Mark - Not a bit.

Cassie - Doesn't suprise me. You didn't answer my question, what are you doing here at.. (checks the clock) 10:00... I guess that's not such an ungodly hour is it?

Mark - I wanted to see you. I went to bed last night and thought to myself "what would be better than seeing you for breakfast?" I didn't want to come too early though, because you know me, I like my sleep.

(Mark sits besides her and moves a hair that's been in her face)

Mark - (tenderly) Good morning.

Cassie - (dreamily) Morning...

(Cassie leans on him, and he puts his arm around her. Mark kisses her forehead)

Mark - Shall we be getting downstairs? Your mother is waiting.

Cassie - Yeah.

(Lights dim to scene 8)