"It was a regular Friday night, and my parents were out going to a stupid dinner party. I was left in a big quiet house taking care of my bratty sister, who was on the couch next to me snoring away and drooling all over her face. I was drinking my third Pepsi and watching Scream.

All of a sudden I heard a sound. It appeared to be coming from the kitchen. Should I check it out of let Melissa, my sister, do it? I thought, Sister! I pretended to stretch out and then kicked Melissa.

"Ow!" cried a pained looking brat.

"Melissa, check out the kitchen! I heard sounds," I said quietly.

"Why won't you do it, Lisa?" yelled my little sister. I looked at her with an annoyed look, and luckily she went anyway.

Couple minutes later I heard the screeching screams of Melissa.

"Melissa! What happened?" I yelled so loud my throat hurt. I didn't wait for an answer. I quickly ran to the kitchen. There was my sister, lying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood.

"Oh god!" I screamed so loud I could be heard miles away.

Then, I ran to the kitchen phone. As I lowered it to my ear- it was dead.

"Ha, ha, ha," a person laughing, is someone in here too, I wondered. I turned and look- nothing. Then- "Bang!"

That's how I ended up here." I was now at the hospital, my sister was laying on another bed a couple feet a way from me. My parents arrived to the house and saw Melissa and I lying still on the kitchen floor, they then called 911. So here I am telling my story to the cops.

"Thank you. Don't worry, we'll track this person down," the cop with the big gold badge told me.

"Great now I have to wait," I said silently to myself, "great."


"Yes Lisa. Just wait- wait until you die, ha, ha, ha. This is going to be sweet."