I heard Brian screamed and the guilt just rushed in.

" Brian!" No answer. With all my strength I pulled myself up. I was going in.

The smoke was getting thicker and I couldn't see anything. Then I saw a figure coming towards me and as it got nearer, I recognize the face. Brian.

" Brian! What?"

" I got burned in the back but that didn't stop me. Kelly is helping Josephine walk; you can't see them but their out. And-" I cut him off as I stand up and kissed him.

I had no idea what the hell made me do that. But I just did, and there was no regret. The kiss ended as fast as it got started, thanks to Kelly who was appearing. Brian just looks at me with a surprise look and in return I gave him an innocent look.

" A little help over here Brian." Kelly said as she held on to Josephine.

Brian snapped back to his senses and went back to help Kelly. A couple of minutes later fire trucks, paramedics, the gang, and Tom surrounded the place. The paramedics rushed to me and made me lay on a little wheel a way bed that I forgot what it's called. After I was bandage and was preparing to leave for the hospital, Tom and the gang, including Brian, approach me.

" You okay?" Tom asked me with concern.

" Yeah, its nothing. Just got a bullet in my leg. No biggie."

" Very funny. Anyways here the story you're going to tell the police. Josephine kidnapped you out of the blue. Brian and Kelly was supposedly meet you here because this was where you usually hang out. Josephine took you here and they saw her and followed her in. Josephine went out of control and started to shoot you."

" Hey, very nice, almost all of its true." I said with a smile " But what started the fire?"

" There still investigating it," said Craig.

" Now here is the thing I have to ask you guys. Rachel this is one of the things the enemies might do to you to get stuff out of you when you're captured on a mission. What ha happened to you Rachel is a kind torture. Others are worse. Are any of you guys willing to do this, knowing the terrible consequence?

Seeing how I looked, we all took a minute to really think about. A few minutes later Craig said, " I'm still in. I'm ready for whatever comes my way."

Annie, Timothy, Kate, Kelly, Adam, and Brian said the same answer. They then turn to look at me expecting an answer. I kept quiet for a minute. I finally thought it through and said, " This, all of this, is apart of my past, and its part of me. I'm in till the end. No matter."

" No matter what." Adam said.

" No matter what." Kate said.

" No matter what." Annie said.

" No matter what." Craig said.

" No matter what." Brian said.

" No matter what." Timothy said.

" No matter what." Kelly said.

" No matter what."