Yukino the Goddess of Love Chapter Five: Last Love

by DuskyEyes

Yukino feels something warm beneath her. She then opens her eyes. She sees Zien's chest under her arms. She then remembers what exactly happened last night. Zien then opened his eyes and looked into Yukino's eyes and smiled. "So you're awake?" he said. Yukino just smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh no!" Zien suddenly said. "I forgot! We've got to go to the Fountain of Love and tell the Spirits that you're a full-fledged Goddess of Love!" Yukino made a confused face. "Is there something you haven't told me?" she asked and sat up. "I forgot to tell you" replied Zien and scratched his head. "What do you mean 'forgot' to tell me!?" exclaimed Yukino and got up from the bed. "I didn't think about it" he replied. Yukino stamped her foot to the floor. "I can't believe it!" she shouted. "You didn't tell me!?" "I'm sorry" he said and smiled. "What do you mean 'you're sorry'!?" she exclaimed. "Let's get going!" Yukino ran over to the door and was just about to open it. "Ahem" said Zien. "You should get dressed before leaving this room" Yukino looked down at herself. She was completely naked! She collapsed to the floor trying to cover herself. Then she looked at Zien who was smirking. Then he took up Yukino's clothes and teased her. "Give me my clothes!" she shouted. "Oh" he started. "Where's the little gentle Yukino? Did she leave on a trip and left the grumpy Yukino behind?" "Shut up!" she shouted. Zien smiled and threw her clothes to her. Yukino catches them. Then she looked at Zien with a stern face. "Would you mind?" she said. "Mind what?" he asked and smirked. "You know what!" she shouted. "In matter of fact, no" he replied and smiled amusingly. "Never mind!" she shouted and stood up. "Oh baby!" he said and clapped his hands. "I like this!" "Shut up!" she shouted and started dressing up. "Oh" he started. "Why did you do that? The fun was just getting started!" "Come on!" she said and went over to the bed. "Let's get moving!" "But...wait" he stuttered. Yukino ignored his words and took a grip around Zien's arms and pulled him out of the bed. Then she saw Zien's naked body and felt the heat fill her cheeks. She turned quickly around trying to erase what she just saw. "W-would you mind...dressing up?" she stuttered. "What's the matter with you?" he said. "You've seen me naked before" "Yes...but" she stuttered. "She's back" he suddenly said. "Who's back?" asked Yukino. Zien shook his head and reached out for his clothes lying on the floor. He dressed up and went to Yukino. Kissed her softly on her neck. Yukino turned around, still blushing. "Let's go!" she said trying to change the subject. "Right" he said a bit disappointed.

After a while's walk they reached the Fountain of Love. Zien turned around and looked at Yukino. He looked a bit sad, as if he was going to lose something very important to him. "Well" he said. "Here we are" Yukino looked around. The fountain was beautiful. The water had the colours of the rainbow. And it was so clear. Then she looked back at Zien, still having that sad look on his face. "Come here" he said and went to the fountain. Yukino followed him slowly. "Touch the water and the Spirits will judge you" he said. "If you're qualified, then you will become the Goddess of Love. If not, you'll be sacrificed, so that the Spirits will be able to locate another girl that can take your place" Yukino knew that something else was on his mind. She wondered what. What could it be? What could it be that bothered him so? Silence stood between them. Suddenly Zien looked into Yukino's sparkling innocent eyes. "And" he started. "If you wish to become a Goddess" Yukino looked curiously at Zien. What could it be? "You will have to sacrifice the thing that's most important to you" he said with his stern eyes. He meant. He really did. But what was the most important thing to her? She didn't really know herself. But she didn't want to find out. "Are you ready?" asked Zien. Yukino nodded. She then turned against the fountain and closed her eyes. Slowly she touched the water and light engulfed her and Zien. "Yukino" said a voice. "We're the Spirits" Yukino started to feel unsure. Something was very strange. She felt her heart breaking apart. "You are to become the Goddess of Love" said the voice. Yukino was happy, but she wasn't still able to smile. Something was wrong with this thing. There was something wrong with what she had done. "But there is a hook" said the voice. "You have broken the law and fallen in love with this man here...Zien am I right?" Zien nodded slowly his head. "Is that a sin!?" exclaimed Yukino. "To fall in love!? I'm the Goddess of Love for cry out loud!" "Indeed" said the voice. "The Goddess of Love you are to be. But no love is allowed between the Goddess of Love and God without our permission. And besides...we sent another man to be your future husband" "Who?" asked Yukino. "What's his name now, Zien?" asked the voice. "Mark" answered Zien. "So you're saying that Zien took his place!?" exclaimed Yukino. "You're absolutely correct" answered the voice. "Why?" she asked. "Why Zien? Why did you take that risk? What if I fell in love with you, which I have done, and you would be killed after that!?" "You were irresistible" answered Zien. "But" said Yukino and blushed. "Ahem" said the voice. "Sorry to be disturbing your conversation, but we need to get moving with MY conversation now" Yukino stopped blushing but looked at Zien who was feeling a bit embarrassed that this had to be said. "Now" said the voice. "We will have to sacrifice the most important thing to you" "And what is that?" asked Yukino. "You know that a lot better than us" replied the voice. "It's Zien" Yukino got shocked. She felt like as if she was hit by lightning. Did she really hear right. Was Zien going to be sacrificed? It couldn't be! "What?" said Yukino stammering. "Let the sacrifice begin!" shouted the voice. "No!" shouted Yukino. "You can't do that!" "Oh yes I can" replied the voice and a green light engulfed. "No!" cried Yukino and ran to Zien holding him tight. Zien just looked at her and smiled a slight smile. "Thank you for caring" he said and tried to smile. "No!" cried Yukino. "You can't take him away!" Then Zien was transferred up in the air by the light. Suddenly a dagger appears a couple of metres above Zien. "This is the end of me" he thought closing his eyes. Yukino looked up at Zien with tears in her eyes. "No" she whispered while crying. "Don't do it. I beg of you" The dagger lowered slowly down against Zien. The closer the dagger got to Zien, the more Yukino cried. "Please" she cried. "Don't" After a couple of seconds the dagger was just a few inches from Zien's heart. "No!" screamed Yukino. "I love you, Zien! Don't die!" Suddenly the dagger stopped. Falling to the floor like a worthless piece of metal. Zien couldn't believe what he had just heard. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his crying Yukino. "My Yukino" he whispered. "My sweet little Yukino" "So you're putting yourself into danger, my lady?" asked the voice. Yukino nodded. It was better for her to die. She wouldn't feel guilt that way. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. "I won't allow it!" said Zien with a stern voice. "So you're willing to die with this here lady?" asked the voice. "If that is what I have to do" said Zien. "Then that is what I'll do!" Yukino then stood up quickly holding Zien tight. "No!" she cried. "It's okay, Yukino" he said and looked into her tear-filled eyes. "So be it" said the voice. Zien bent forward and kissed Yukino on her lips. She let out a soft sigh. This would be her last moment with her beloved Zien. "Yukino" said Zien and looked into her eyes. "Yes?" she replied. "I love you" he said and kissed her. His kiss was filled with passion like never before. Tears ran down Yukino's cheeks. Then there was green light engulfing them. The pain filled their bodies. But not a sound was heard and no word was said. Everything stood in silence. The only thing they could feel was the love flowing through their everlasting kiss. Soon they both disappeared and were never to be seen again...