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"Oh god, now what?" Noice moaned to Graz as Biotch and a few of her clones made their way to the punk/skater/Emo/just plain weird side of the cafeteria.

"We know you did it, you freaks!" Biotch shouted, causing the proctors to glance over.

"Now what did we do? Insult Brittany Spears one time too many? OH NO! DON'T HURT US!" Noah Benet screamed in im-Ag (imitation agony, something proformed to frequently, it had its own abbreviation) while fainting onto his lunch tray. A laugh ran through the section, the "outties" always doing anything to embarrass the "innies."

"Ugh! Who did it! I'd thought even some of you might have school spirit!"

"Who did what your highness?" Shel, Noah's girlfriend and fellow punk, asked tiredly.

"One of you painted Big Blue!"

"And what makes you think that?"

"It's black," Biotch glared around, "and red." She said this finally, as if a sudden confession would occur.

She, however, got only a collective gasp.

Shel and Noah stood. They were what could be considered the leaders of the outties. "If one of us did it, they will be punished accordingly."

Biotch was right in one respect. The outties did have school spirit. The other public schools in the county severely frowned on those who stray from the path. Though they were forced to deal with attitudes like that of Biotch and Co. they were at least allowed to be themselves at Willow Crest Public. Added to this loyalty, Willow's arch rivals, the city school Huntington High's school colors were red and black.

Graz stood. "Hasn't anyone noticed that red and black happen to be Hunted High's?"

Biotch turned to make some sort of cruel remark concerning Graz's intelligence, before realizing that, a) he was smarter, b) he was bigger, and c) he was right.

"What, like, Hunted snuck in here to de...de...decentralize-"


"Yeah, whatev, do that to our mascot?"

Noah was studying Graz, thinking. "No, no. Little Graz here has a point. I wouldn't put it past Hunted to do that... Who ever did it must be stopped."

"Well," Noice began thoughtfully, "When was the last time someone saw Big Blue, um, blue?"

"Yesterday, eighth period." Finn, sitting next to Graz, piped up. "I had to help the janitor scrub graffiti off of the gym lockers, cause I skipped last activity period. Big was in the storage closet."

"We found it this morning when we went to get out our pom-poms for the pep rally today." Cassie drawled from Biotch's right elbow.

"You mean prep rally."

"Damn, there's one today? Agh, now I have to bang my head on a locker so I can go lie down for a head ache at the nurse's office."

Noah glared at the last two speakers, a skater and a geek. "Not important right now. Well, it is, but we'll discuss it later."

Shel and Noah looked at each other, then whispered. "Listen, Bio...Megan, we will hold council with you next period in the library."

"Like I know where that is!" She replied, exasperated and rolling her eyes.

Noice simply closed her eyes and took some deep calming breaths.

"Its the giant room with books." Shel said quietly, trying not to lunge across the table.

"Oh!" Biotch said in a voice that reminded all of Buffy-bot. "THAT place!"

There was a communal head slap, or smack, now that the results of that morning's experiment were in.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know, they just all showed up!"


"I hope!"

These and their variants were the questions buzzing through the hall as Noah and Shel, leading a group of spiked, spectacled, skateboard-toting students into the library, meeting in the middle Biotch and Mark, her fellow leader, boyfriend (and cousin) along with a few other sparkly/pink/ghettoed followers.

"Graz!" Rasta yelled, jumping into line next to him. "What's going on?"

"Some one painted Blue red and black."

"So, those are cool colors- wait... it wasn't sanctioned, was it?"

"Nope. Well, red and black are the more common punk colors so Biotch assumed we were responsible."

"Well, I'd remind her of the saying about assuming, but we all know that she's an ass already."

"Yeah," Noice jumped in, on the otherwise of Graz.

"Hey guys, I heard council." Gigi stated as she dodged a giant spike from someone's hair.

"Yeah, I'm skipping health for this, it better be good." A pile of books said.

"Hey, Svena, don't you EVER go to your locker?" Rasta asked, catching a falling Bio book.

"When? My locker's in 200, my classes are in 400, 600, 800 and 700!"

"I see your difficulty."

"You ARE my difficulty!"

"I hear-by call this meeting to order!"

Noah, Shel, and a few close friends sat on one side of the board table; Biotch, Mark and they're close friends sat on the other. The rest of the crowd stood on their respective sides. Members of the newspaper staff (Rasta included) sat at the ends, taking notes for the next day's edition.

"The outties hear-by state that they had nothing to do with the defacing of Blue."

"The innies hear-by state that they had nothing to do with the defacing of Blue."

The meeting went this way for another ten minutes. Finally, Svena cleared her throat and raised her hand, motioning that she'd like the floor.

"I propose an investigation. The administration of this school will never believe that this is the fault of Hunted, they'll unfairly blame the outties."

"And we feel your pain because...?" Cassie asked, rolling her eyes.

"Because then the culprit is free to attack again. Maybe they'll attack the cheerleading unis next!"

There was a gasp, during which the more delicate cheerleaders fainted into the arms of their beloved football players, who did not understand that you're supposed to hold the stricken person, not drop them as they did promptly.

"I concur with Svena." Noah stated solemnly. "I propose an investigation."

Biotch turned to her advisors. "We want a joint."

"Fresh out," Joe, from Rasta's home room, said sadly, as though a favorite uncle had died.

"No, Moe-"


"WhatEV! We want a joint investigation!"

Noah nodded. "Teams. Five ins, five outs. Ten in all."


"We will convene for ten minutes to set up our groups of four, when we reconvene, we'll pair up each group."

Naturally, Noice, Gigi, Rasta, Svena and Graz were a group. As the rest of the outties "shacked up," they began to discuss.

"I think we should do the evidence." Rasta said immediately.

"Why?" Graz asked innocently.

"Ok, I've been watching CSI, CSI Miami, Robbery Homicide Division, and Missing Person's Unit for so long, I earned a diploma from CBS in crime solving."

Gigi nodded. "She has, you know. Its framed and hanging over the diorama of a crime scene she made for Civics in 8th grade."

Graz squinted at Rasta, and for the third time that day reevaluated her sanity.

"OHHHHH! Can I be Catherine? Can I? Can I?" Svena asked excitedly, jumping up and down.

"Ok, but can I be Sarah? But in charge? Like Gris?" Rasta was ignoring Graz's funny looks.

"Only if I can be like Greg, only I'm a girl." Gigi was joining in without a thought.

With a "What the hell..." nod, Noice picked Warrick, leaving them all staring at Graz.

"NICK!" They shouted, before enveloping him in a group hug.

"Why couldn't I have made more male friends?" Graz asked himself hopelessly, watching the girls plan out the title of this episode.

When the groups reconvened, each group stood in a small clump on their side. Biotch nodded, and Noah approached her with his list. After a few moments of discussion, they called out names.

Finally, they heard:

"Doone, Thomas, Donner, Svena and Allans. Paired with Smith, Coyles, Tanelle, Fenner and Morris."

CSI squad was soon joined by three girls and two boys, introducing themselves as Helan Smith, Kelly Coyles, Ryen Tanelle, Toni Fenner and Brad Morris.

"I'm Rasta Thomas, this is Noice Doone, Gigi Donner, Svena and Graz Allans."

"Svena...?" Kelly asked.

"No one knows. Just Svena."

"Rasta? Wait... isn't your name Brenna." Helan looked confused.

"You must not have been here last year."

"Nah, transferred. Why do you call your self Rasta."

"First day of school, Frosh year. I had dreads. They said I looked like a Rastafarian. Rasta."

"Ah. Weird."

"I try." was the cool reply.

"Before you ask," Noice cut in, noting the change in tone. "I just say Noice, instead of Nice, and my real name is the product of too much morphine at my birth. Graz's name is Gracen, but he goes by Graz, or Nick (you don't wanna know.) And that are all of our nicknames. Gigi kept her real name."

"There isn't exactly an overflow of people named Gigi."


"People, shut up! We're giving assignments." Shel shouted over the din.

Fifteen minutes later, CSI and Co. hadn't gotten theirs. "Hey, Noah." Gigi called out, "Can we do evidence off of Blue."

"Its not like there's anything to find. They didn't exactly leave a business card!" Biotch replied, speaking as though she were talking to small children.

"No, they've got a point." Shel said, glaring. "Ok, your on evidence."

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