A/N: What is this? A fic of course. Get ready for another guinea pig story! Except my kitten, is of course included. Before I get rolling with this fic I need to get on top of 'Harry Potter and the long lost cousin' and 'Antonia's Diary' so really, this is just to alert the fans that it is happening, in about a month. So now we are going behind the scenes and interviewing the characters on their opinions on the last fic and this one. It is kind of in the point of view of a movie; it's not just the obvious characters let's see who pops up. Oh yes, the new fic is called: THREE GUINEA PIGS AND A CAT

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Chocolate's interview:

C: Oi! Get over here, lettuce caterpillar

M: Hello Chocolate! I'm an interviewer here, from . A few words?

C: Ah, my broadcasting company. Go ahead.

M: Did you enjoy the last fic, was it fun?

C: There is a stereotype that guinea pigs sit around all day and do nothing, this was a chance to prove, we didn't. It was lots of fun aswell.

M: How did you feel about the role of 'The bossy one'?

C: That was my sisters' idea. It was to make it more realistic apparently, it was quite fun knowing I could say this stuff to Caz and Fudgie and not get a nibble on the ear. (Squeaks from Caramel and Fudge are heard)

M: No regrets?

C: The last scene written was when Tigger attacked. He is still a deadly enemy and therefore, keeping him under control was pretty hard. I was pretty scared.

M: Looking forward to the next one?

C: Yes! It's supposed to be more comical with the added talents of Tommy. He's great to work he's not hungry.

M: Yes, how do you feel about working with another cat?

C: I haven't much insight on that really, these are guinea pig stories and I hope they stay that way even with the kitten brought in.

M: So lastly, what can you tell us about the new fic?

C: Well we can't say too much. Just, a lot more surprises.

M: Thankyou, we'll speak to you again sometime, I daresay.

C: Goodbye!

Fudge's interview:

F: Born to be wild, that's me alright. Play that.

M: Fudge? Oh Fudge! Its here, an interview?

F: Yay! Buzz on then.

M: Er, great. So, we've heard Tommy brining new comical talents into the new fic?

F: Yes.

M: Is your role threatened? You are the comedian.

F: I don't know how they are going to work it but I think there is going to be a bit of boy-girl flare there. Not romance, arguments.

M: Ok, do you like working with your sisters?

F: It's great! It's like never ending script learning and we always can confide in our feelings about it.

M: There is always focus on other creatures how do you feel about that?

F: I like it. Meeting Buzzy and the frog clan last time was great, even meeting Tigger was ok I guess, being the character that scared him away. However, this year there are FAR more characters.

M: Oh yes?

F: Sorry but that is confidential. To give you a clue, some of them are hanging around here.

M: Thanks, lastly, are you getting trapped in any more fridges?

F: Maybe off camera for old time's sake! I don't know how it may turn at the moment, seeya!

M: Bye.

Caramel's interview:

M: Good afternoon Caramel. interviewers here got a minute?

C: Certainly, press on.

M: How does it effect you, your human being the main producer and being the writer of the whole thing?

C: It's good I suppose because she knows all about what I may or may not want to do and she gives me a great role.

M: 'Guinea pig Adventures' took place in one night, how long did it take to produce?

C: A few weeks and a lot of work, lots of success though.

M: Are you really good friends with the fish? C: Snowy's family I am. Streak is a fish I am not to keen to bond with. Some fish aswell are not to keen to bond with me.

M: In the first fic you were portrayed as wimpish but smart, is this how you see yourself?

C: I did then but now I am more confident. I am now, not so wimpish but smart.

M: What was 'Saying Goodbye' like to produce?

C: That only took a day to produce and it was just to tribute the frogs who left earlier, February or something. Their return though was spectacular.

M: Lastly, how many more fics are planned for this little animal world?

C: That is untellable at present. The last one and this one and 'Saying Goodbye' makes 3. However many more I do not know however I have a feeling this is not the last.

M: Thankyou, goodbye.

C: Bu-Bye!

Tommy's interview:

T: Whadda you want?

M: An interview.

T: Oooh, nice dangly toy.

M: I am from and it's a microphone, the interview?

T: Okay, shoot.

M: How old are you then? T: 5 months.

M: How is producing effecting you then?

T: It begins with me sleeping and then I get to play with them fluffball things and go outside so it's fine with me.

M: In the same situation with Caramel, it's your human who produces it, is that good?

T: Yeah, she can't say no to these kitty cat eyes. Unless I want to eat the girls.

M: And do you?

T: I'm a cat, what kind of a stupid question is that? It wouldn't broadcast if I ate them and I wouldn't get treats so not now.

M: Is there any confrontation with Tigger?

T: That old man! I'll whoop his butt!

M: Ok, so looking forward to it then?

T: Yup Yup. I'm gonna bite you now!

M: Okaybye! * runs *

Sugar and Isra's interview:

S: Isra, Maleah, won't marry you now.

I: Why ever not my dear Sugar, for beauty and radiance surrounds her.

S: That doesn't rhyme! And, you stood on her foot and pushed her in the pond after your 'No fail Mating ritual'

I: Oh yeah.

M: Hi! Sugar, Isra. Nice to see you, I'm from . An interview? I&S: Ok.

M: Great. Firstly, Sugar may I say I am deeply sorry for the loss of family, how has this effected you and your family?

S: It's been very upsetting. She's the 2nd oldest of our family. She was great to talk with being a great influence, she was actually surfacing to save, Miahow, a young and very small fish but because she was bigger the crow, Swoop took his chance. Solo and I cried for a long time and my mother could say nothing and even had a huge go at Streak. My father, Lios, who is rarely mentioned because he and my mother split up returned and comforted us. Flower took a while to comprehend what happened and had her 3 eggs buried as deep as possible and she and Vio her new husband moved down there.

M: It seems a lot has happened in your family, again, sorry. Isra, it effected your clan a lot aswell didn't it?

I: Yes. We all left early to find a place where the crows wouldn't find us. We couldn't see many of the tadpoles grow into frogs. Few of them survived anyway unfortunately with this and that cats and Streak about.

M: All the frogs get back safely?

I: Ah-ah! More is to be mentioned in the story I'm afraid.

M: Sugar, how are the fish fitted into this for their best safety?

S: Tommy couldn't really catch us if he tried! He's more into catching the pondskaters or the lily pads when they so much as move in the wind. He's a pretty good conversationalist. We're in it, believe you me.

M: And the frogs Isra?

I: Lots are happening with the frogs, none of us have been caught by Tommy yet, he's only playing though so I wonder how he would react if he really did catch one.

M: So you're both looking forward to it?

I: Yes! The frog clan has changed an amount, which is quite funny, seeing me grown up, it's all in the acting.

S: I wasn't featured much at all in the last one because my mother thought be and my brother were too young, this year though, who knows, our break will come. Yes, I am looking forward to it.

M: Thanks guys you can continue you're argument.

Buzzy, Squeaker and Pidgey's interview:

M: Good afternoon animals.

B: Why hello?

M: here, an interview if you please?


M: Well I can it's Buzzy here, who are you two?

S: Squeaker, I am a mouse. I was a 'maybe' in the last fic but it didn't go that way. I am a 'maybe' in this one too. I'll get there though.

P: I'm Podgy, a crow. I'm a friendly crow, I wish I was a robin or a dove. I am playing the dastardly part of Swoop.

M: Great, Buzzy looking forward to it?

B: I had a minor but important part in the last one and it seems that I must be bought back and be the voice for the bugs.

M: I am getting the thought it is mainly set outside?

B: I'm afraid I have to say No comment.

M: Understandable, Squeaker, why a maybe?

S: I live in the shoe cupboard and you can't really go anywhere from there.

M: Surely though with a cat, a mouse is the obvious choice.

S: Maybe.

M: Pidgey, are you trusted or misguided?

P: Trusted so far although the fish were rather curt to begin with, for obvious reasons. However I am Swoop's cousin.

M: Really? Give us some info?

P: He is such a wicked one, really he made the image of crows and witches. When I was a hatchling he even pushed me out the nest.

M: Dear me. So you don't mind making him look bad?

P: I'm just telling it like it is, but it's an honour.

M: Well that's it from you guys, I like forward to seeing you.

B&S&P: Bye!

M: So that's it from us here at we hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look on things. Goodbye!

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