By: Sorceress Yuna

I never knew what love was

I never knew what it felt like to like someone

The feeling of loving somebody

Until I met you

I was afraid to know what I was feeling

I was scared for that was my first time

I kept it to myself

Didn't want you to find out

As time went by I've learned what it was

As time went by I've grown to like you even more

I wanted to voice my feelings to you

But I was scared of what I will get in return

I gathered up all my courage and told you

All you did was nod and walked away

What is this I'm feeling?

It feels like a thousand knives

I thought I did the wrong thing

I still wanted to be friends

Although we felt awkward around each other

We pretended nothing had happened

Every night I'd just think about you

Every time I tried to figure out why I'd fallen for you

All I felt was frustration and confusion

Did you know what I was going through?

All I ever wanted from you was friendship

All you ever thought of me was former classmate

You may not realize

But do you know how much that hurts?

I know I should move on without keep on liking you

But do you know how many times I've tried and failed?

I know that in my life somebody will feel the same for me

Why can't that somebody be you?

A/N: This was all in the past. . . done for . . . I hope the feeling doesn't come back to me, because I don't want to get hurt again. Just see this as an ordinary poem, no meaning at all. ^_^