Mad Redemption

I woke up by myself, in our small rented Inne Room. Teddy, Theo, and Alania's things were all gone. I blinked heavily and figured all of it out. My parents were dead, I had killed the King and Queen, giving Benedict the power of the throne, and Bennings was trailing me as Death. The Dark Knight that had killed my family- fool only knows where he is now. I slumped out of bed and looked into the mirror. My eyes were blood shot and teary, my yellow eyes there, staring. My hair was frizzed out and my dress was loose from the wear it had recieven.

I turned away from the mirror, and walked to the door. I opened it and my jaw dropped, my mind shut down.

Prince Benedict stood, staring at me with his wicked violet eyes.

"How did you find me?" I asked him, but he put a hand over my mouth and shut the door behind him, creeping up to me in the small room. I felt my heart beat faster and he pushed me into a chair opposing the bed. He sat on the bed and removed his hand.

"That's not important. You need to get out of here before Benning's kills you. It is, what he's planning on doing." His sultry voice fell onto my ears softly and I shot my eyebrows up in surprise.

"What are you talking about? What does he want from me?" I said, shrinking back some more. Better yet, "Why are you helping me? I highly doubt that's what your doing." I said to him, pulling my chair back. His dark eyes looked to me, and for once he didn't seem angry, more sad, lost.

"Please, can't you just listen to me? Bennings isn't what he seems, and I'm not what I seem. It's hard to explain, but really Yvette, you have to get out of here. Your friends- Alania, and Teddy- and Theo? - Well, imagine all of them leaving you. Because that's what they did."

"I don't want to run. Let him kill me." I said. Benedict leaned forward, touching my arm gently.

"You're a powerful Sorceress, to happen yet. Imagine what Bennings would do with all of your power. Because it wouldn't be good. At the least you could kill yourself, before he did. Just, do what I tell you. I'll meet you in the next town, Dowhin."

I believed him. Maybe it was how his eyes transformed from being cold and dark to being soft and sad, but I believed him.

"Fine. As long as it's just you." Benedicts eyes fell to the floor, and I felt so horrible for being so cold to him. He looked back up and leaned in towards me.

And stopped.

I thought he was going to kiss me, but we were just, staring at each other. So I kissed him.

Our lips touched, and mine were chapped chaffing his softness. He held the back of my dress and pulled me up as we kissed.

Why was I kissing him? I felt so stupid. I pulled away, and smiled impishly.

I just kissed my enemy of twelve hours ago. It's not my fault he was so gorgeous. He was the second person I had ever- kissed. It was weird. He smiled at me, that darkness returning into his eyes.

Two evil things, just met halfway.

"You taste sweet, almost crooked." He said, brushing past me as he left.

What the hell did that mean? I stared at the door and the room was lifted from the cold atmosphere that had so recently been entered.