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Chapter 17

We slept on the street with the homeless that night, and I realized we were homeless, Joey had all the connections, right? Tom against a wall, and Alex and Mike curled up with their heads on my lap. It was so peaceful but I was the only one not sleeping. The cars, the dripping water the humid air, the trash and the cold breeze nipping at my face. The floor at the nut house seemed like heaven to me right now. That's when I realized it was gone, I hadn't heard the voice In god-knows-how-many days.

When I finally did dose off it seemed like seconds before I was awake again, the people woke me up. It was daytime, the sun was out and it was drizzling. Alex and Mike continued to make my lap warm, mike snoring softly, Alex tossing and turning and breathing loud. And Tom…Tom wasn't there. All of our things were piled against the spot they were in when we'd fallen asleep, but Tom wasn't there. I knew him well enough, he was more scared than any of us, but he wouldn't just get up and leave us here… would he?

I shook the two smaller boys on my lap awake and pointed at the wall. There was panic in Mike's face and confusion in Alex's. We all were up and searching in no time flat. We stayed together of course, we didn't want to lose each other.

We searched everywhere he could have hidden but couldn't find a trace of him. We finally ended up at the bus station where apparently Tom had bought a ticket for somewhere (they wouldn't tell us) far away. I don't know where he got the money, how or why, but he was gone for good. I just wanted to grab Alex and Mike and hold them in one spot forever. I can't deny falling in love with every deranged person in the past month or two. We slowly walked out of the bus station, sorrow on our faces and memories in our eyes.

"Another one bites the dust." Mike replied to me before walking towards the exit with me and Alex in toe. All of a sudden he tripped, his head falling perfectly into a revolving door. Someone in a hurry rushed in and I heard a distinct crack, the sound of a breaking watermelon, the sound I heard when Joey had disappeared into Alex's room, the sound of the knife grinding into my flash, the sound of Me losing another. Me and Alex ran when we heard the police cars, I caught a cop say something as we ran away.

"Michael Paterson, he's wanted."

Alex burst into tears and I couldn't help feeling that I'd been lost in a surreal horror story, this couldn't be real. How could this happen to me?

"Why me?" Alex whispered in my ear wrapping his arms tightly around my neck. "I'd be at home right now, sleeping in if Joey had just stayed where I told him to."

"I know."

"And they'd all be alive."

"I know."

"We should just kill ourselves."

"What?" I pushed him a little so I could look into his tear-filled psychotic eyes.

He started laughing and pulled a knife from his pocket, it was covered in blood… me and JR's blood. His nose suddenly began bleeding as he laughed. "Oh Happy Dagger." He whispered holding the kitchen knife at eye height, before plunging it into himself, the noise again, the noise of death. He continued to laugh as he fell, and the was a loud crack when his skull hit the pavement. A lady who'd glanced down an alley way screamed at the top of her lungs. Alex lay by my feet with the knife in his chest. I screamed with he when I felt a headache coming on.

"Murderer!" I ran further into the alley and fell, I don't know if I tripped or fell into a hole or what but I know I fell because there was that falling sensation.

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