Run and run and run and run
But there's nowhere to go
Nothing to show for
Drop everything you hold and flee
Outta this town
No goodbyes, no regrets
Pick up all the things you have
Take them outside
You have no place here
But you have to stay
Dash through the woods, the city
Fly through the sky
Above the clouds, then
No one will see you
Say goodbye
Make yourself cry and sob for what should have been
Maybe if you'd done the noble long ago
Maybe if the world wasn't a no-show
Stand around, try to talk to people
Realize it's hopeless
Race for your life
Escape from the wonder
Run from what you do not understand
Hope that someone will lend a helping hand
Hide your pitiful worries and woes
Jump up high, but try to reach your toes
Send your mind into confusion,
Perhaps that can clear things up
Take a stand
Don't demand
But at the same time you're falling apart from the terror
Move with me
Step out of the common line
And there you go
Wherever you are
You've lost control
But that's okay
It doesn't happen every day
When genius seizes you, don't ignore it
Drop your life, don't be a bore and move along
Get it down
Run out of town
Make sure you keep it safe
Take care of yourself on the outside
There is no cure for what's down inside
Spin around
In a square
Don't be stupid but you have to dare to be different
Be alone
Stay unique
Lose the moan before it kills you
It's the end of it all that I dread
God, please take back what you said
Give us time
Give us space
Help us see
Your plan for this race
Let it be but don't sit idle
It's wrong to scream, and punch
But fight still
Make it last
By acting like it won't
"You're trash"
But saying that won't help anything
For them, or anything else
Believe the ones who live in disbelief
Yes, the ones who say that life is only grief
Stand around
Touch the ground
If you're close enough I bet you can see it moving
Quivering with life
Quivering in fear and uncertainty
Standing on the edge

copyright © 2000 Ninamazing. :)