She came to him during the storm

When the lightning wouldn't stop.

He held her in his arms

But knew she had to go.

The storm was searching

An easy beating target.

Her cries were often painful

To those who heard her scream.

And passersby were weary

To hear the thunder roar.

And nobody came near

'Till the storm did pass.

Nobody but him.

And though he saw her nearly everyday

She did not cry his name.

He wished she would

And then he'd come to take her away.

He loved her classic beauty

Except when broken by the hate.

The hate of stormcloud after storm

That broke her in a way that couldn't be fixed.

In a way that nobody would

Dare to confront.

Nobody but him.

He took her away

One night, in the stars.

By the light of the moon

And the constellations glowed all around.

And the rain went on

Searching for another prey.

Searching for them.

Her stormclouds whirled above her head

Ready to bear down upon her.

But not quite there

Because he found her.

In time to stop the madness and hurt.

The pain and the swell

Of the next big wave.

And her sunbeam broke through

To the bright light of day.

And the storm didn't ever

Come back.

The storm was gone, was dead, was beaten

By the sun.

But the sun never killed anything else.

Nobody but him.