Hi everyone! Just a little poem up the fading days of summer. Later, okay? -Tiff

The sunny days and blue skies.
Sandy beaches, cute guys.
Swimming in a pond or pool,
Running far away from school.
Sleeping in till after noon,
Then staying up late under the moon.
Friends come over everyday.
We hang out but do not play.
I can rest out of the sun,
Plus air-conditioning can be fun.
No homework now, no stress.
I just made my room a mess.
But the summer of my dreams,
Just turned sour or so it seems.
The leaves are falling all around,
The grass is dying on the ground.
Aren't my friends moving away?
Why won't parents let them stay?
Other things are on their mind,
My summer days all fall behind.
School is coming soon I see,
What is to become of me?
Who will I know to turn to?
Who will give me something to do?
Who can comfort me when I'm blue?
Oh yeah, I know. I'll come to you.