There it lay, my only friend

For now a pipe and a joint end

I look down the street as it intoxicates me

And I hear

Ahhh I hear

These voices, inside my head, I know its me

I rub my eyes and my makeup smears down

I'm the equivalent to the fuck-you- clown.

I cringe as I think of what the say;

I tell myself that I'm okay

I pick up-

This metal object-

Stare at it-

A rod like no other.

It smiles at me as I swing the bar

And I pretend I can hear it talking to me

My friends- They're somewhere else-

They're out back, laughing and talking and drinking and smoking and fucking-

I'm out front, all by myself,

No one can see what I do now,

I'm the highest on the shelf

I rule, I rule the bar in my hands

I rule the car that just stands

I slam that metal thing down onto the hood

And an alarm rises that I know not should've

And I smile as I relize again

I'm intoxicated with my only friend

And I pick that bar up, and once more slam it down

Produced on my face there is a frown

The glass sprinkles up, and the noise hurts my ears

Wind whistles by, and I grab at it with fear,

The glass enters inside my arm

I can not feel this sudden harm.

My friends walk to me, with a wick in their eye-

They think they're so coy.

They try to take the metal bar from me and I laugh

I laugh so hard I give them a bath

In my blood that arises from my veins

I run around in circles and They can't complain

They laugh at me, because I'm so funny

When I laugh back - it's mustered in honey

But I know they aren't my friends

My only friend intocxicates me to no end

It lets me act upon the anger they produce

Other wise I have no choice,

I'm to scared sober to let them know

How angry I am and I want to let go

So I bash my head against the driveway

And I'm crashing

Ahhh I'm Crashing

My skull drives like ten million pound of bricks

And Blood trickles out

I'm not worried about blood, caus I can feel- Ahh I can feel, That

That anatomic side of me

Turn into a bruised body

And one last time into the gravel

I smack my head so hard against the shovel

I fall back all bloodied and bruised

I look at my friends and I accuse

The pot being inside of m e

Is my only friend

My only intoxicating treachery.