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Chapter 1

"Yah! See ya after they finish torturing me," said Chase, to his close friend Fred, as he walked into his next class. He was late, and without the proper materials, as usual.

"Why are you late?" accused Mr. Pebble, one of the strictest teachers at Cinder High (which doesn't say very much), with an unhappy look upon his face.

"I tried to get here as soon as possible, but Mrs. Gasse, from my last class asked to talk to me," lied Chase, trying to hide the sneer sneaking onto his face, along with trying to drown the sarcasm escaping his mouth.

He went to sit down with his friends Sam, Demitry and Galvin, at the back of the classroom. He seated himself near a window, in the very last row, hidden by ugly, brown, tattered curtains, of which light was seeping through the holes, from the ever-darkening sky of late fall. The clock was ticking slowly towards the time, which would heed the chiming signifying the end of the day.

"What a surprise," the teacher thought to himself, but just disregarded him knowing that nothing could possibly change his queer behaviour, and he continued his lesson of geography.

Chase, being bored out of his mind, decided to burn a whole into a borrowed, orange pencil, with a ray of light, manipulated by his spectacles. He found the brightest ray that seeped through the curtain and landed upon his desk. While setting up the pencil under the light he took his glasses off and placed them in a higher position on the same ray. Once the smoke was rising from the pencil, which took a lot longer than usual considering dusk was falling upon him, he realised that the ray had disappeared. He instinctively looked up and noticed something moving behind the curtains.

Being the curious type he raised the curtain and popped his head under. What he saw next was much to his surprise. Upside down, behind the curtain was a teenager like himself, with pale blue hair and green, pink and purple highlights. Although they were of the same age he knew immediately that she was different. Perhaps it was the pointed elf-like ears, or the suit of deerskin that tipped him off, but she knew not for sure what put that odd look of awe upon his curious face which was an inch away from her head.

Since she was originally facing the window, she quickly swerved around to see what was going on. Once the situation was realised she put one of her fingers to her lips showing Chase to keep his trap shut. Unfortunately that was not quit enough persuasion for him, as he was opening his mouth to speak to her. She then hastily fastened her right hand upon his mouth and jaw, closing it with enough force for him to realise more clearly what she meant, and that she as serious.

She whispered, with her soft, flowing voice, into his ear to pull his head back and not to look again as to not raise suspicion. He moved out slowly knowing that quick movements can catch more attention than he wanted. But it was too late, Mr. Pebble had already noticed him.

"What are you looking at? Do you think this class is a joke? Get your workbook out now!" yelled Mr. Pebble, as he walked towards Chase to see exactly what it was that he was doing.

Mr. Pebble came; towering over the seated Chase, to his graffity covered desk, and asked him to get up. Once Chase reluctantly got up and tromped over to the other side of his desk, the teacher pushed Chase' wooden chair in and walked behind it. He then pulled the tattered curtains to the side to take a look at what was so interesting.

"It's all my fault," mumbled Chase to himself knowing that if she got caught it was entirely his fault. He almost surprised himself realising that he actually cared.

To both his and Chase' surprise there was nothing there when the curtain was pulled away. Chase felt very relieved, for he did not want to have her be caught because of his idiocy.

"Had I hallucinated it?" questioned Chase to himself, as his face held the bewildered expression of what he now felt. No, he hadn't, he argued with himself; he knew what he saw was real. What he felt was also very real. But maybe it was a very realistic daydream.

"No!" Chase accidentally spoke out loud. But that's not what caught every eye in the room. He had just realised that his mouth had been hanging in awe for the past ten seconds.

"What do you mean no?" asked Mr. Pebble.

"Nothing. I mean nothing. I wasn't doing anything, except for looking out the window," explained Chase, trying to cover up the previously odd expression by changing the subject.

"Well you are not supposed to be looking out the window and daydreaming. This is a classroom, I expect you to pay attention when I speak and do your work when you're told. One more distraction and you'll be staying for a fifteen-minute detention. Understand?" snapped Mr. Pebble.

"Alright," said Chase, in a defeated tone, as he went to sit back down at his recently abandoned desk.

Figuring that whoever it was behind the curtains had left for good, Chase decided to go back to burning his pencil. After a sufficient amount of wasted pencil-burning time it grew steadily more difficult. During that time Chase was completely preoccupied with the fleeting image of the blue haired girl. Then teacher came to realise what he was doing. Considering that by this time a flame had appeared, catching everyone's attention once again wasn't very hard.

Chase, not quite realising everyone's eyes turned upon him or the fact that the pencil was burning, was still thinking about the girl. He slowly realised that her entrancing image proved to be quite attractive, and this floating around in his mind, temporarily hid him from the harsh reality of the trouble he was about to be in.

"Are you trying to mock me or something?" yelled Mr. Pebble, whose young face was hastily changing to a very dark shade of pink and crinkled in absolute rage. This, everyone knew, was definitely not the first time Chase had driven a teacher to this point of frustration. In fact it was almost a daily routine. But that didn't mean it was taken any lighter.

"Detention after school for fifteen minutes. And since this is the last period today you'll have no reason to be late, since, of course, you just won't need to leave this classroom. Each additional distraction will add another fifteen minutes to your detention. Is that clear, Chase Lanson?" scoffed the teacher in a very aggravated tone.

"Yes," whispered Chase, under his breath, in such a way that the teacher understood what he said without actually hearing it.

Mr. Pebble was held aback by the way he had been answered. This was probably the first time that Chase hadn't talked back nor had a fit (mostly done for attention and annoying the teachers even more), after having received a detention. He was also surprised at the sadness that Chase held. Perhaps he did have feelings... Impossible, not him. A party must have been cancelled or something.

Mr. Pebble having stood there for a few seconds, pondering this odd behaviour decided it was not important, and went back to teaching the class about the vegetation zones of Canada.

For the remainder of the class Chase did nothing. He didn't pay attention, nor did he cause havoc. He didn't sulk, nor smile. He sat there with cold, blue eyes, and a rock hard, expressionless expression. His mind was blank. Why, he didn't know.

His friends realising this strange new behaviour assumed that he'd best be left alone. They were probably right to do so, for he was in another world, without actually noticing it.

The bell rang signified the ending of class. Chase, in his present state, did not have the powers to define whether that happened soon after receiving his detention, or whether it dreaded for quite some time now. But the class had ended and he didn't get up. Not because of the detention that followed thereafter, but instead because he simply did not want to. Chase wanted to wait for the girl to come back.

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