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Chapter 3

Chase awoke, to a practically freezing temperature, the next morning. The cold would not allow him to sleep, therefore he forced himself out of bed to close his window then lay down under his warm covers.

As he recalled the events of the previous evening, his head began to pound. Debating against himself, he was no longer sure whether or not the elf was merely a dream.

After the disappointing realization that he was no longer able to fall back to sleep, Chase decided to slip out of bed, and change into some clean clothes. Once dressed decently, and after placing his wallet into his back pocket, he walked out of his room into the kitchen where his mother now stood.

"Good morning sweetheart," she greeted cheerfully, despite her fatigue.

"Morning mom. How was work?" he responded with genuine interest. There was almost always something interesting from the night shift, at the hospital.

"Bad," she began, rather blatantly, "We had a gunshot victim. Happened not too far from here. Be careful out there Chase, they haven't caught the main man."

"Did he live?" he asked, slightly intimidated, "Mavery." he gasped the thought out loud.

"Mavery?" his mother was now lost in confusion.

"Never mind that."

"Well last I checked the man was still alive. We don't know how long he'll last though. He lost a lot of blood," his mother explained, still confused about what her son had said, and yawning between every sentence.

"You should go to bed mom. You need the rest."

"I know, I will soon. I want to eat something first," she stated.

"Right, well I've got to go. I'll see you later," he said casually as he headed for the door.

"Bye sweety," his mother called as he walked out of the apartment, after he quickly put a pair of black shoes on.

The door shut harshly behind him, as Chase began to panic. Worried about the elf, after having heard of a murderer on the loose, he began searching for Mavery. Without the faintest idea of where to look, Chase ran out of the apartment building and into the darkened streets. The sun was just beginning to rise so shadows enveloped him. Although he had a sweater, the cold air pierced through the cloth easily.

He ran up and down streets with the sole aim of finding her, but his attempts were in vain. She was nowhere to be found lest she wished to be found.

Hours had passed before he took a break from the search. Now gasping for air, due to bursts of running, and continuos speed walking otherwise, he slowed to a stop. His heart was pounding, and his vision was blurry, for he lacked oxygen. Chase crouched down where he stood, then allowed himself to sit on the cold pavement of the sidewalk.

"Fuck!" the harsh profanity echoed down the empty streets.

Behind him, someone walked up to Chase on cats paws, and tapped his shoulder.

"Looking for someone," was Mavery's voice, as Chase turned around, frightened at first, but then relieved once he knew who it was.

He quickly stood up to meet her eyes, but did not reply.

"You don't have to worry about me, you know. I can pretty much take care of myself, and plus I already have a shadow," the elf reassured, returning his gaze.

"Heh, I'm insulted! Shadow, huh, what happened to friend?" came another voice from about ten feet away. This other voice was however hidden in the partial left over darkness of the night.

"Who the hell 'IS' that?" Chase asked Mavery, in a voice he thought only she could hear.

"Dimitry, nice to meet you," the other voice introduced himself, as he stepped out into the morning light.

Chase began to see his every detail, starting with the wings, and later noticing the same pointed ears. Mavery smiled faintly at the surprised look on Chase's face.

"What the Fuck is he?!" he yelled in surprise.

"I'm an elf, and no you do not have to speak as if I can't hear you."

"Why do you have wings?"

"Inconsequential," then he turned to Mavery and began speaking to her, " Your right he does kind off look like him."

"Told ya so!"

Chase turned from one to another, in complete confusion of the moment. The look of befuddlement showed greatly upon his face.

"What are you talking about?" he asked in hopes that one of them would be kind enough to explain something.

"Chase you should be heading home soon. There is a strange man walking the streets," Mavery replied, clarifying nothing.

Chase began to get frustrated, he turned to leave for his anger got the best of him. Unfortunately, before he had a chance to leave a stranger accidentally bumped into him, hard enough to cause him to fall down. He hit the pavement with a harsh speed, which would lead to many bruises as well as scrapes on his bare arms. His spine snapped on impact, which retracted his head instinctively, thus having it grind into the pavement. He was in great pain, and could no longer breath.

"Fuck!" he tried to yell, though the air was knocked out of him, so a choking whisper was emitted.

The stranger didn't give him a second glance, but before he could run off was confronted by both Mavery and Dimitry. They stood in front of him, not sure of his intentions, but obviously realizing that he was running from something.

Although Chase's vision was now blurry the last thing he remembered seeing before he was knocked down, was a sniper within the leather jacket of the stranger. He feared for their lives but could not get up.

"Mavery, run away, he's got a gun!" was the last thing he yelled, and it echoed through his head, before he fell unconscious. The world around him fell into darkness...

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