You're too fat
Get up and do some crunches
Lazy ass bitch
Stupid fat Cow

Words like these
Always in my mind
The little controlling voice
It tells me
I'll never be good enough for you

But you're always there for me
When I need you most
When I feel I just can't take it anymore
You're there to comfort me

Ana, I need you
I loathe you yet I love you
The driving force in my life
You control how I feel each morning
Each night
Each moment of everyday

I see my flesh cling to my bones
My ribs peer through the dingy colour of my skin
I'm still too fat
I'll never be good enough for you
Oh Ana, help me
Help me be good enough

I waste away into nothing
Another molecule in the void
Only 78 pounds now
I need to lose 10 more
Only 10 more
Then I'll be good enough
And that's all I want

I just want to be skinny
To show my pain that I feel
On the outside
For all of you to see