Ok, here it is the preview for Love: Conquest of the Rational. I know you've been waiting in anticipation...


Shalott couldn't help but stare at Caesar in shock. When the minutes ticked by and she still had not said anything, Julius began to shift uncomfartably.

"This wasn't the way I wanted to tell you. Really, Ophelia, I meant to make it seem like you were getting the better end of the deal. But with Pompey bursting in, and making that announcement, and now this, I just didn't think it was wise to wait anymore."

Shalott still didn't say anything. Her face was turning ashen, and Julis started to say something else. Shalott held up a hand and cut of all pleas.

"Don't even tell me, you son of a bitch." She turned on her heel and left Caesar, Julius Caesar with his mouth open.


Lady Shalott realizes it is harder being the mistress to Rome's most famous General than she though. She finds herself in love with Caesar and has no idea if her reciprocates the feeling. To top things off, she also is called apon to assassinate a very public figure in a very public place; has to deal with Pompey and his jealous love, and fend off a new threat to her relationship with Caesar. Oh yeah, did I mention her flashbacks were getting worse?

Please, please stick around for Love: Conquest of the Rational, coming in September. You'll be glad you did.