Just another simple poem written to express the way I feel. Not to anyone though, because that might be too sad for me. Well, It stopped raining and the sun is pouring down. Later!

To You (So You Don't Cry)

I'm writing this to you
so that I can explain.
I never meant to hurt you,
or cause you any pain.

I don't mean to replace you but,
I've found somebody new.
I just hope you understand
that I still am here for you.

I opened my eyes
and let go of your hand.
Please do not be angry,
oh, won't you understand?

I don't want to loose,
all that we have got.
But I can not lie anymore,
and be something I am not.

Don't be dissapointed
or put yourself to shame.
I'm the one who hurt you,
so I'm the one to blame.

What I felt inside me,
to the bottom of my soul.
Was that I could never keep you
and still remain control.

So I'm doing this for you,
so I do not break you down.
You're too sweet when you're happy,
to ever make you frown.

My friend, don't hate me,
for all that I have done.
I need to let you go now,
but what we had was fun.

Remember when we laughed,
and all the times I cried.
I'll remember the look you got
everytime you sighed.

Think back to the nights,
when we stared into the sky.
I didn't want to stay to long,
but couldn't say goodbye.

But now it's time to leave you.
You can make it on your own.
I gave you wings and taught you,
and look how well you've flown.

Can you do without me now,
because it's time for me to go?
I promise we'll be still be friends,
We're better now, I know.

My love is calling me.
Please don't break and cry.
Remember. Just remember,
that you know how to fly.

Don't be beaten,
or let yourself be battered.
Though you may feel torn,
you are not tattered.

If you ever need some comfort,
or a safe place to roam,
Just fall to your knees and cry,
"Heaven, take me home."

He could feel each moment then,
When he drempt that he could fly.
He felt each and every moment
as time went slowly by...

-Tiffany A

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