*Ok, this is the one and only poem I ever really gave thought to, and I think its pretty me at least*

There's a Universe

There's a universe with many secret cries

With worlds with ever wondering eyes

We enter with a life so full

Endless with the love we rule

We lose less than can be told

With treasures, diamonds, and riches unfold

Open arms with determined hearts

A world with so many different arts

Writing with a hand and mind

Wondering if we are so kind

Making life a filthy card

And to pull out a match is usually hard

But the universe always cries

With worlds with ever wondering eyes

But when your love is so distraught

You know that you have finally taught

Love can take you by surprise

Yet at the same time make you dry your eyes

We make what life can bring so much

Where stars revolve yet do not crush A heart with living to display

Here is where my body lay

Warmth as it passes through

Making me turn to you

A life is something you cannot push away

It's cherished in everyway

*YAY! I DID IT! Well, what did you think? I liked it! I guess, well now I got to go walk my dog cuse I'm getting nagged at! SEE YA!*