The painful forgotten memories

Dwell deep in my mind.

Remember them I must,

For they can not be left behind.

Alone I sit away from the rest,

Lost deep in thoughts unknown.

Though my life solitude is all I had,

It was wondered if I'll always be alone.

When life looked it darkest,

When it had looked lithless,

A new hope shinned through,

It came to take me out of my dark abyss.

The pain is over,

The torment has come to an end,

I am no longer alone,

With no way to defend.

Here I lay in the arms of my savior,

By my side is forever where he shall stay,

Untill the ends of ends,

'Till my very last day.



A/N: To sort-a sum it up, the woman is this poem had a really painful childhood that still haunted her when she grew up, and this dude comes and shows her love and crap like that, and the guy is now her husband. "A past forgotten, is a past doomed to repeat" is an old adage, so she can't forget what happened in days long past, because it is "doomed to repeat." This poem is some-what based off of my DBZ fan fic., Forgotten.

Ja Ne.